ProMLM’ iCON CLOUD Software is robust and has all the features needed for your business to grow and succeed. Personalization enabled with Integrations, Replicating sites, BI based report management, Internationalization, Coaching module and complete Marketing tools. The iCON CLOUD Provides an arsenal of tools and features to attract and retain quality associates.



Our Software is customized and personalized to your business plan as we completely understand that every business is Unique and structure on modular architecture for swift market response.

Replicated Website

With iCON CLOUD platform, each registered member will be allocated with a unique sub-domain based replicated site. They are powerful tools used for recruitment, selling, and building the network.

Genealogy Tree

The iCON CLOUD offers 4 types of graphics on your Genealogy view which includes Graphical Genealogy, Rank Genealogy, Collapsible Genealogy, and Tabular view

Social Engine

Promoting your business on Social Media is easy with our powerful Social Media tools. Give your distributors the tools to succeed.

Member Back-Office

Your Active members are assigned a Back Office. The Member Back Office is the primary tool for members to conduct and grow their business.

Admin Back-Office

The Corporate back office is fully loaded with all sophisticated tools which creates an edge over your competitors. J-Reports, Analytics, Plan configuration, Social media engine and Coaching module are just a few of the highlights.

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An application programming interface (API) is a messenger that processes requests and ensures the seamless functioning of enterprise systems. API enables interaction between data, applications, and devices. It delivers data and facilitates connectivity between devices and programs. API can also be defined as an online programming interface of the organization. It allows applications to communicate with backend systems.

An application programming interface creates a channel for the company to sell its products and services online. API enables access to services by adding codes to applications. It further enhances connectivity and bolsters functionality. The future of software is all about integrations and we provide an edge to your business through cross-platform integrations seamlessly. ProMLM’s iCON platform is compatible with third party software/tools with API management solutions to achieve full lifecycle management through a simple integration within the ProMLM’ iCON platform. We support REST API connectivity and connect complex data sources apart from OAuth and RPC based connectivities.


Sales funnels and their place in marketing are irreplaceable. Sales funnel builder software is an effective solution that assists you in snapping your marketing tactics into place under the guise and advantage of automation. With today’s technological advancement in terms of artificial intelligence (AI) and business, automation is taking over. And companies all over the world are taking note. As we’ve learned, managing sales funnels allows you to engage with your network in a more effective manner. In a sense, you can go to them before they have to come to you.

A funnel builder allows you to take this approach by:

  • Increasing referrals
  • Offering targeted upsells
  • Promoting single-event offers


social media networking engine that provides a robust framework on which to build all kinds of social environments, an internal collaborative platform for your organization through to a brand-building communications tool for your company and your network.

We support all major social media partners like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and much more.



With ProMLM’ iCON, we deliver J-Report that is a BI solution for the enterprise report management that empowers users to create reports, dashboards, and data analysis on Hadoop, big data, and transactional data sources. Through data visualization, users can perform their own reporting and data discovery while seamlessly embedded in their applications. Furthermore, users can extend their data analysis capabilities using Visual Analysis, an ad hoc tool powered by in-memory cubes, that easily transform business data into rich visualizations.

It’s in-built with more than 300 reports which are downloadable and Printable from the back-office.


Infused with AI, ProMLM’ iCON Business Analytics help small and large organizations maximize the value of their data, unearth insights, build plans, and respond in real-time to customer demand.

Go beyond what. Get to the why, and plan for what’s next.



With our party plan business module, companies can authorize their distributors who have signed up as a representative on their Direct Selling business to host in-home or online/virtual parties. The purpose of the party is to sell products directly to consumers, in a fun, social setting. Many representatives leverage social selling on Facebook Live, Instagram.

The attendees of a party serve as a source of future party hosts. As an incentive for hosting a party, the hostess receives a Hostess Reward. The Reward can be a discount on products, free products, or the ability to purchase exclusive Hostess Only products. The representative receives compensation on the retail sales from a party.

Unique Party URL for each party until validation

Page builder to design your own party page

Unique Party URL for each party until validation

Graphical Genealogy

Corporate and Distributor back office

Enhanced report management

Replicated websites

E-invite with RSVP

Your branded mobile apps

Facebook and Virtual Parties

Shopify or woo shopping cart integration

Hostess Rewards


Online coaching has evolved significantly over the past decade transitioning from in-person and telephonic-only offerings to those more appropriately classified as digital coaching or remote coaching.
This type of coaching may still incorporate telephonic or in-person sessions, but coaching tools and technologies, such as online coaching platforms, have enabled businesses to launch highly scalable models without compromising coaching effectiveness.
Whether looking at simple platforms for coaches or complete coaching solutions it’s critical to realize that most technologies are designed to solve specific pain points in the coaching workflow. As such, some will be better suited for solopreneurs or Teampreneurs just getting started with their business, while others that may be best suited for more established coaching businesses, or even larger organizations.

As a result, ProMLM’ iCON online coaching module tools will likely consist of a combination of the following depending on the needs of the business:

Admin Tools

Subscriptions, Scheduling, Live Stream embed Remote Communication And Messaging Capabilities Such as SMS messaging, in-house messaging and video coaching tools.

Data Monitoring & Analysis

To help coaches and managers understand who is being successful and who needs more attention.

Content Delivery

Such as PDF, Videos and image sharing, link sharing to web pages, or other platforms like Learning Management Systems (LMS).


The Role Management management role enables administrators to manage management role groups; role assignment policies and management roles; and role entries, assignments, and scopes in an organization.

Users assigned this role can override the role group managed by property, configure any role group, and add or remove members to or from any role group.

This management role is one of several built-in roles in the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) permissions model in ProMLM’ iCON. Management roles, which are assigned to one or more management role groups, management role assignment policies, users, or universal security groups (USG), act as a logical grouping. This role management functionality will help you to decentralize operations without compromising the security and confidentiality of the platform.

tablet screen display with graph data


Data tables display information in a grid-like format of rows and columns. They organize information in a way that’s easy to scan so that users can look for patterns and insights.

Data tables can contain:

  • Interactive components (such as chips, buttons, or menus)
  • Non-interactive elements (such as badges)
  • Tools to query and manipulate data


We support more than 120+ Payment Gateways for Pay-in and Pay-out options


E–Coupon is a Coupon code management tool generated within the platform and this can be used for handling registration, shipping and /or purchase.

Cart Widget in Builder

Users can modify the card product design on their own using card widget builder, without coding knowledge.

Dynamic Compression

Dynamic compression is available. If the user is removed from genealogy the downlines of a removed person move to their sponsor.


WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS and is seamlessly easy integration with our software.


iCON CLOUD offers the ability to send a SMS blast and notification

MLM Plans

There are a variety of Compensation Plans including Hybrid models that you can choose for your business. Learn more.

Commission Bonus

You always have the ability to edit or adjust your commissions quickly and easily.

Purchase Volume

With ProMLM you will get different kinds of Network Marketing and Direct Sales purchase volumes such as Purchase Volume (PV), Group Purchase Volume (GPV) and more.


Ranks are a perfect way to recognize the performance and motivate the network. The corporate administrator can set-up dynamic rank criteria to satisfy their business need.


E-Wallets can also be used as a method of payment for ease in your members purchasing inventory. Designing and personalizing an E-wallet management based on your business needs will optimize the operations.


Expanding internationally has never been easier. This modules also comes with Multi-currency and event calendar options supporting multiple currencies and timezone respectively. Multi Lingual supports are built in with both the admin and members back office.

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