Stair-Step Breakaway MLM Software for Performance-Based Rewards

The stair-step breakaway MLM plan is a performance and contribution-oriented compensation strategy that rewards representatives for their efforts and team contributions. Managing such a nuanced compensation model requires a sophisticated system capable of adeptly handling its complexities. ProMLM iCON’s Australian X-Up MLM Software offers administrators the advantage of simplifying business operations, facilitating network expansion, and enhancing team building with its dynamic capabilities. Optimize your MLM strategy with our software, designed to navigate the intricacies of the stair-step breakaway plan efficiently.

Stair-Step Breakaway Plan

Acknowledge the work of the top-performing members by giving him the deserved position

What is The Stair Step Break Away Matrix?

This is one of the oldest and most common types of compensation plans. At Pro MLM, we have vast experience in the MLM industry and have developed a stair step breakaway plan with the most advanced technology.

Stair-step Matrix is like an Uni-level Matrix, where there is an unlimited number of front line positions.

  • Each stairway phase is regarded as a progression in position within the company.
  • As you shift to the top of the stairways, you are then permitted to break away from your sponsor and run your company individually.
stairstep break away plan

How does it work?

With each step/rank, members are given a lower price or refund on their buy ins. For example, the first stage (sales professional level) may generate a 20% discount, the second stage (Distributor), will generate a 25% discount, the third stage (Supervisor) a 30% discount, the fourth stage (Manager) a 35% discount and the fifth stage (National Director) generates a 40% discount. As a member progress , their discount rates improve.

Key Features

Stair Step Breakaway MLM plan creates an attractive earning platform.
Amount of risk associated with this plan is less when compared with other plans
This plan is more balanced one as it is based on a percentage
Pro MLM Software Solutions developed and designed the scalable and portable Stair-Step MLM Plan Software

Advantages of Stair Step Break Away Matrix:

The breakaway component of these Matrix allows a person to build bigger teams and earn compensation from deeper generational levels. Another advantage of this plan is the size of the downline members as these types of plans have no limitation on the number of people who can be recruited to the first-generation line and also the number of recruits that the downline distributors are allowed to recruit.

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