Board Plan MLM Software

Board Plan MLM Software

Among the various MLM compensation plans, the board plan is one of the important MLM plans that give high profits to the board members. Pro MLM offers board plan MLM software with some outstanding features which will help you earn a high income. As this plan gives benefits for both MLM companies as well as board members many multi-level marketing organizations prefer this plan over others. As the name indicated in this plan members works in a board (team) consists of certain numbers and whenever the board is completed, it will be split into two sub-trees. Number of the promotional board and members differs from company to company as the business have the authority to decide how many members can be in a board

Board Plan

Board MLM Plan Software Features

User Management

Admin can make use of user management to check both the user member and sponsor member. In addition to the above, admins can also check the details of the member, direct referral and referral amount.

CMS Management

User-friendly and easy to use CMS with simple drag and drop page and menu builder. Now you can easily manage all your static content and graphics.


Here the users will get the multiple board commission. Once the user completed the first board, he/she will not be deactivated from the first board cycle, also they will earn other board completion bonus from their downline members

Level Management

Level management helps admins to checks the level, direct and indirect amount and also status. It will use to manage your business

Payment Management

Manage all your transaction details like date, product and its name, payment status and more with payment management feature. Admins can get the complete reports on the payment done to individual members.

Pro MLM Software Pricing

The pricing for MLM Software depends upon the type of MLM Plan, client requirements and features required in the Pro MLM Software.

Board MLM Plan Commissions

Referral bonus

In this type, the introducer will earn a bonus for referring downline members. Introducer will earn a referral bonus for every direct referral

Matching Bonus

A commission received by the sponsors based on the earning of their downline members is known as Matching Bonus

Level Commission

A commission received by the sponsors based on the earning of their downline members is known as Matching Bonus

Position Bonus

A position bonus is a type of bonus the sponsors get by adding a downline or by completing a specified goal by the company.

Board Plan Completion Bonus

The members will achieve a bonus once they complete the plan that is fixed weight as well as height. Those who complete the plan will be eligible to earn board plan completion bonus

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Advantages Of Board MLM Plan

A Board MLM Plan is widely accepted and used plan all around the world

  • Easy to Manage
  • Great Payouts
  • More Income

Our MLM software development team has successfully developed board plan software for clients across the world. Explore the features and functionalities of our Board Plan MLM Software with our free online demo and come to know about the efficiency of our multi-level marketing software. Irrespective of the size and type of the company, our MLM Software is suitable for all sizes of businesses and type of industries.

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