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Australian X-Up Compensation Plan

X-Up, Australian X-Up Or Modified Uni-Level Compensation Plans Are The MLM Industry Trend Now. Take The Advantage Of ProMLM Software And Redefine Your Business.

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Australian X-Up MLM Software

Though Australian x-up mlm plan is very simple to understand and use, it is not used extensively like other plans. This plan is also known as an extension of the American binary business plan. In this plan members need to recruit new user left or right side and can also choose more directs that is known as the third leg which does not need any matching pairs.

Pro MLM Software offers this plan to our customers with many other common plans like binary mlm plan, matrix mlm plan and more.

Pro MLM Software has developed a lot of mlm Australian x-up plan software for many clients globally with frequent software updates and support services.

Australian X-Up is an improved/modified version of the Unilevel. The Australian One-up, Two-Up, or Three-Up, or X-Up or any distinction of ups. Your search for X-Up or Australian X-up MLM System ends here. Pro MLM Software readily supports the X-Up concept. The administrator can define any x-up type and also have control over pass-up commissions.

MLM Software for Australian X-Up plan provides some promising features


Simple, Reliable And Easy To Use.

Can Be Customized Based On The Requirements

Provides Easier Access To Multiuser

Australian X Up Compensation Plan Commission Types

Sponsor Bonus

In this type of commission, the user will get a bonus once they reach the X level

Level Commission

In this type, the top level members get a commission when their downline make some sales.

Fast Start Bonus

If the user achieves the target as per the X up MLM, they will gain a fast start bonus.

Rank Advancement Bonus

If the user achieves the certain ranks or level, he will eligible to gain this bonus.

Why Australian MLM Plan?

For multi-level marketing companies, the Australian mlm plan offers simple and easy calculation method which makes it easy to manage and operate. Unlike other most commonly used mlm plans, one doesn’t need any extra skills to manage this plan. For members, it’s really the best plan to go for as it provides great income opportunities because they don’t need to depend upon other members.

  1. You get huge money per sale.
  2. This plan pays you unendingly deep.

Pro MLM has vast experience in the mlm software industry so that we can provide mlm software based on your need of Australian X- UP mlm plan with a bundle of advanced features to make sure the success of your mlm business.

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