Australian X-Up MLM Software for Complex Compensation Plans

The Australian X-Up MLM plan is a sophisticated compensation model that rewards individuals based on their enrollment position and representative level. Managing this intricate compensation structure requires a system with the flexibility and capability to effortlessly handle these complexities. ProMLM iCON’s Australian X-Up MLM Software is the trusted solution for network marketing and direct selling businesses seeking a powerful tool to automate and streamline their compensation processes. Rely on our software to navigate the complexities of the Australian X-Up plan with ease.

Australian X-Up Compensation Plan

X-Up, Australian X-Up or Modified Uni-Level Compensation Plans are The MLM Industry Trend Now. It is also referred to as “Pass-up” sales by some since the sales made are actually passed to a user’s upline.


Australian X-Up Compensation Plan

The Australian X Up plan works in a simple way. When the X is replaced by 2 for example, it becomes Australian 2-Up plan. In this plan, a user earns nothing from his down-line members during the first sale as the entire sales made by his down-lines goes to his up line.

The member earns when his down-lines have now recruited members. At this point, the sales made by the newly recruited members of his down-line are passed unto him. And it continues on and on like a chain.
The administrator can define any X-UP type and have control over pass-up commissions.
Pro MLM Software has developed MLM Australian X-UP plan software for many clients globally with frequent software updates and support services.

MLM Software for Australian X-UP plan provides some appealing features



Easy to Customize

Multi-User Access

Why the Australian MLM Plan?

For multi-level marketing companies, the Australian MLM plan offers simple and easy calculation method which makes it easy to manage and operate. The Plan can provide higher earnings and a good opportunity for the entire team. This plan pays your members with an infinite downline.

ProMLM has vast experience in the MLM software industry so that we can provide MLM software based on your need for an Australian X- UP MLM Plan with a bundle of advanced features to ensure the success of your MLM business.

Australian X-Up Compensation Plan Commission Types

Sponsor Bonus

In this type of commission, the user will get a bonus once they reach the X level

Level Commission

In this type, the top-level members get a commission when their downline make sales.

Fast Start Bonus

If the user achieves the target for the X-UP MLM, they will gain a fast start bonus.

Rank Advance Bonus

If the user achieves certain ranks or levels, he will be eligible to gain this bonus.

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