Cycle Matrix

“Each cycle having fixed members, Nevertheless cycle goes infinity”

Cycle Matrix

Pro MLM Software is fully customized for the cycle matrix mlm compensation plan that leads you to success Irrespective of the company size, our cycle matrix mlm software is suitable for all types and size of industries.

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Cycle Matrix Plan

How Does Cycle Matrix Work?

Each Cycle allows only limited members. Once You Completed the Each Cycle, You will upgrade to Next Cycle.For example, You Set 2*2 cycle matrix means in the first level there are two members (1,2) and second level there are 4 members (3,4,5,6)

In this plan, a blank board will be allotted to the member to fill a few columns in coordination to the entry of their associates. The dimensions of columns may differ with respect to companies. The commission is rewarded with the complete of columns with the associates.

Cycle Plan, also known as Revolving Matrix Plan is one of the most popular mlm plans for a limited number of members. This plan got popularity due to the reason that this can be easily played between a few people, friends, colleagues and even family members. As there will be only limited members is allowed in a board, managing this plan is very easy and payouts are also great.

Some Of The Important Features In Our Board Plan MLM Software

  • Commission Setting
  • Search board
  • View board Commission
  • Follow Sponsor System
  • Spillover Possible

Types Of Bonus In Cycle Matrix Plan

Referral Bonus

Matching Bonus

Level Commission

Position Bonus

Board Completion Bonus

Advantages of cycle matrix

  • Easy To Manage: As the number of members is less and so it becomes extremely easy to manage.
  • Great Payouts: As the team, size is less the payouts are manageable and extremely fruitful.
  • More Income: There are other forms of income like bonuses, rewards, referrals in addition to cycle income.
  • Independence: cycle plan is independent on the network, i.e. there is a minimal dependency on the down line or up line of the member to get income.

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