Pro MLM cycle matrix software is fully customized for the Cycle Matrix MLM compensation plan. Our cycle matrix is suitable for all types and sizes of industries.

How Does Cycle Matrix Work?

Each Cycle allows only limited members. Once a member has completed the Cycle, they will be upgraded to the Next Cycle. For example, the 2*2 cycle matrix means in the first level there are two members (1,2) and second level there are 4 members (3,4,5,6)

In this plan, a blank board will be allotted to the member to fill a few with their associates. The dimensions of columns may differ for each company. The commission is rewarded upon the completion of columns by the members.

The Cycle Plan, also known as Revolving Matrix Plan, is the most popular with smaller networks. Only limited members are allowed in each board making management and recruitment easy.

Cycle Matrix MLM Plan

Some of The Important Features in Our Cycle Plan MLM Software

Commission Setting

Matching Bonus

View board Commission

Follow Sponsor System

Spillover Possible

Types of Bonus in Cycle Matrix Plan

Referral bonus

Matching Bonus

Level Bonus

Position Bonus

Board Plan Completion Bonus

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