Best MLM Compensation Plans

Choosing the best mlm compensation plan is always a difficult task for many. As there are various compensation plans in mlm business it is complicated and difficult to choose the one. Here we discuss about various compensation plans and help you choose the right one for you.

Best MLM Compensation Plans

Hundreds and hundreds of people are stepping in to this industry every day and investing their time, effort, money and lives in multi level marketing business. But many are not ware about the mlm compensation plan. In order to succeed in the mlm industry, it is must for any one to have a detailed knowledge about mlm plans so that they should work on the compensation plans before choosing the one for them.

Most commonly used types of MLM compensation plans are

Binary MLM Plan

Unilevel MLM Plan

Breakaway MLM Plan

Forced Matrix Plan

And all the above mentions plan consists following basic elements:

Types of Commission

Commission is the amount that is paid to distributors every month for their activities


Rules are nothing but the eligibility criteria for the distributors. The distributors must meet the specified rules or criteria in order to qualified for commissions or rewards


Structure is a set of rules decides which determines where a distributor will be placed in a compensation plan.

Any compensation plan that does not comprise of any one of the above mentioned elements will not be a sustainable compensation plan in the long run.