Hybrid MLM Software

Boost your Network marketing business with our tailor-made Hybrid MLM Software, a web-based solution packed with advanced features designed to propel your business forward. With our software, gain full control and oversight over your downlines and their commissions through our intuitive dashboard. Unlock the potential of your MLM business with our feature-rich Hybrid MLM Software.

Innovate Your Online MLM Business


Meet Out The Challenge Of Modern Online MLM / Direct Selling Business By Building An Innovative Compensation Plan By Combining The Traditional Models. Pro Hybrid MLM Software helps manages the nitigrities of the hybrid compensation plans and streamline the network marketing business

hybrid compensation plan


The role of the compensation plan is to remunerate your members. A good compensation plan will attract more members. To succeed in Modern Day Direct selling business you need to have a good compensation plan. ProMLM supports multiple network models, so you can set up your compensation plan based on your business model. Comparing with other MLM plans available today, the hybrid compensation plan has some added advantages. This plan is the mixture of binary MLM plan and uni-level MLM compensation plan. In this plan, there will be two legs and the recently sponsored will be placed alternately in each of these legs continuously. It will be beneficial if you balance between both legs. Pro MLM Software is designed to supports hybrid MLM plan more precisely. This plan is one of the fairest and most useful plans if you are an entrepreneur.

Compensations Managed By HYBRID MLM Software


These bonuses will be given to the distributors if they achieve the target within a particular period and also applicable only for newly joined members.


The “Sponsor Bonus” also known as “Referral Bonus” is the benefit given to the members to bring new users to the network. Users can get this bonus by bringing more and more new members to the network.


This bonus structure is usually customized by the back-end team or admin team as per companies requirement and strategies. Business owners or companies can create an algorithm to plan a new bonus under the adopted plans.

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