Uni-Level MLM Software

Uni-Level MLM Software

Pro MLM Software Solutions provides the best MLM Software for uni-level MLM plan with advanced features. As a reputed MLM software development company, we come with all the latest technologies so that we help you make your MLM business a successful one.

Unlike other compensation plans, in this plan users don’t build their legs instead of that they build levels. Your first level will be comprised of members those you have personally sponsored and those persons who are sponsored by your reps will become part of your second level, and the compensation for the distributors would be the same for those who are at the same level.

Uni-Level Compensation Plan

Uni-Level MLM Plan Software

The uni-level plan also commonly known as generation plan usually works perfect with clients who have a wide array of consumer products. So if you thinking about have a uni-level plan to start and run your own MLM business, then you should make use of uni-level MLM software for your business. Without uni-level MLM plan software, it would be a tedious process to manage your MLM business. We are specialized in providing best uni-level MLM plan software that helps you to increase your sales for multi-level marketing businesses. We have dedicated a team of software developers with a handful of experience in developing MLM software for various MLM compensation plans.