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With more and more people hitting the internet to get information on basically everything, the time couldn’t be more right for businesses to set up websites. Beautiful websites are especially good for businesses because they draw the attention of potential clients as well as promoting the business.

Network marketing companies are not exempted from this too. However, it is a little bit challenging for these companies. This is because the company is expected to make a website for each of its affiliate which could mean making thousands of websites. This is definitely not feasible. So what do such companies do? They result to finding replicating website builders.

A replicating site builder will help in creating a replicated site for each affiliate in the company. They do so by creating the main site using variables such as first name and last name thus making the site able to be reproduced.

To such companies, there is the need to find a credible replicating website builder to create websites for their websites. As such, we’ve come up with some of the things that such builders should avoid when replicating sites for your affiliates and hopefully, this will guide you in choosing the right replicating website builder:

  • SEO management- SEO or search engine optimization is the ability for your website to rank high in the case of organic search engine results. Your site could end up ranking really low despite it being great due to choice of a wrong builder. This will prevent people from finding you online and accessing your content.
  • If a lot of content ends up getting duplicated as well as use of poorly structured URLs, it could lead to your site being almost impossible to find.
  • The architecture of the replicated site not supporting changes or updating of content which leads to low ranking on the site in search results.
  • The site achieving poor conversion rates because the site does not drive clients to respond as well as the site lacking personalization.

As such, a good replicating website builder should be able to ensure the site’s SEO is not affected when replicating. The builder should also integrate social media as well as make the replicated sites flexible in managing personal content such as testimonials or blogs.


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