Network marketing Management Software

Network marketing management software is a customer management relationship management software that is well set with all the network marketing practices used to control, organize and improve business performance. The application helps in the management of orders as well as follow-ups. The tool is advantageous since it is:-

  • easy to use

  • consistently improvements

  • cheap to buy and maintain

  • can be applied to any device

  • accessible from any point

  • intuitive design.

MLM Assist features

Some of the basic features that are connected to the software include; the app makes it possible to view contacts’ information quickly and easily through the use of the intuitive contacts profiles available. The 3, 3 and system found in the software enables mangers to easily follow-up orders through recording their movement and tracking them. The system also makes it possible for the previous orders to be looked up on the contacts. The graphs option available makes it easy for the clients performance to be seen as well as providing information on which product are worth selling. The software has inbuilt reminders that operate in an automatic manner thus making sure that managers miss nothing from the business. The recruiting task option gives a list of actions that requires attention while the Google calendar ensures that everything is done on the date required thus no chances for delays.

Benefits of using MLM Assist

The network marketing software has a fourteen days free trial after when the users are charged cheaply depending with the number of transactions per day as well as the size of the business. In addition, a tour guide is also made available for new users after registration in order to ensure that they are familiar with the program and that the program operates in an effective way for the benefit of the business. The tour guide has two options i.e. the task list where the users create their own to-do list in coordination with the recurrent lists and then set the tasks to be repeated monthly, weekly or even daily. Through the assistance of google calendar it is possible to store all the completed events in a single place and later have a look at them.

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