MLM Plan Features

MLM Compensation Plan Manager

Compensation Plan Manager offers businesses various mlm compensation plans that suits their business strategy and goal. Compensation plan manager consists many types of mlm compensation plans namely Binary mlm plan ,Unilevel mlm plan, Forced Matrix mlm plan and more, Based on the mlm plan choosen by the registered users, they get some offers like direct commissions, bonus, referrals commissions, PV commissions, ranks and more. With our mlm compensation plan, you can choose multiple matrix compensations plans and the plan which suits your needs and requirements

PRO MLM Sales Funnel

In Pro MLM we have created exclusive sales funnel that works as follows

  • Makes the landing page for the product
  • Capture the leads, form campaigns and groups
  • Create newsletters and sent through auto-responders
  • Filter the leads
  • Monitor the analytics
  • Testing

Bonus Plan Manager

Bonus Plan Manager settings is set by Admin. Based on the various parameters in the configuration settings like downline count users, target PV, target GPV, group sales,total sales, rank etc the Bonus is send to the users. The bonus send to the user on weekly and monthly basis.

Rank Manager

In rank modules settings, based on the following parameters like downline count users, target PV, target GPV, group sales, total sales, and the etc user will get assigned rank automatically like gold, silver etc. Users will get assigned these ranking only if they attain the specified target.

Group Message

With the help of group message feature, users can send group messages to paid, active, downlines amd passive users. The compose messages shows the listed users to send the messages and the users can easily view the incoming and sent messages stored in inbox and sent messages respectively.

Advance Reporting

Pro MLM V4.0 comes with 40+ Advanced reports can be exported to Excel, CSV, Datatable, PDF formats. Reports can analyze with different tools and Business Intelligence software and useful in doing the forecasting the sales, commission, growth and other marketing related analysis. Reports will be very useful for the admin to the device the strategy for Marketing and sales.