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Woo Products

Woo Products are the Products that have been added by the Admin based on their Business Plan will be reflected for the User to View and do Shopping around from the Shop or from the User Backoffice itself without any hassle. This will be available from either Top Right Cart Icon Woo Products Menu or Woo Products Title Straightaway from the Header Bottom. Search Option is also available.

Woo Products will take you to the E – Products Page from where you can easily buy any products based on your requirements using Add to Cart, View Cart with E – Product  Details & Autoship. Woo Products Image with 3 Icons, Descriptions, Product Price & Availability Status – Instock will be seen.

3 Blue Circle Icons – + will take you to the Products with Add to Cart Page, Eye View will take you to E- Products Details with Descriptions & Price & Bag Icon will take you to Autoship Details.

Add to Cart Page will be reached from 3 Blue Circle Icons – +  and the products can be added based on your need or preferences.

Product Image with + will lead you to the Page from where you need to fill in the Quantity of the Product, Complete & Proceed as it Prompts. Add to Cart will display the Products Added Detail with View Cart which in turn will lead to Cart Details with Product, Price, Quantity, Sub Total, Apply Coupon/ Coupon Code, Update Cart, Cart Total with Shipping, Calculate Shipping Cost & Proceed to Checkout.

E- Products Details with Image, Descriptions & Price will be reached from Eye View and clearly know the item in detail like that are added to the cart. Product View is the Eye View – 2nd Icon will lead to the Products Description Details with Price. Upon Clicking Close will take you back to the Product Page.

Placing Order by choosing the Product, Quantity will Add the Product to the Cart and enable to view the Cart and Check if all the Desired Products are ready for purchase. Place Order will take you to the page which shows the details of Order received with Order Number, Date, Email, Total, Payment Method, Product Quantity, Shipping, Subtotal, Total, Billing & Shipping Address. Once the Order been done it has to be approved by the Admin for the Completion of this Process.

Proceed to Checkout will take you to the Checkout Page from where you need to complete the details of Coupon Code if you have any, Billing Details, First Name, Last Name, Order Notes, Company Name – Optional, Country -Select from the Options available, Address with Postcode/ Zipcode, Phone Number, Email Address, Choose the Payment Options available & Place Order.

Apply Coupon/Code at the appropriate Place and Apply.

Update Cart if need to make any changes to quantity or so & proceed to Checkout. Fill in the details as it prompts in the Checkout Page with the Address, Shipping, Billing & Payment Details. Once all done, Place Order and Order Received Message will be received with your Product Ordered Details.

Product Autoship is the 3rd – Shopping Bag Icon will lead you to the Autoship Detail Page from where you need to set the Autoship for the Chosen Product by following the prompt like Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-monthly, One time Purchase, Quantity & Submit to Perform the Action or Cancel. Once the Autoship been set up, depends upon the choice, the Product will be shipped Automatically after Admin Approval. Product Autoship Successful Message will be displayed once done

Autoship details/history that you have Set under the Woo Product – E- Product – Autoship page will reflect here under Autoship History. Details of Autoship History like Title, Autoship Period, Quantity, Created On Date, Next Autoship On, Delete under Action along with other default functionalities like Search & Show Entries will be seen.

Upon clicking the Product Title which is a hyperlink that will take you to the Product Details Page for you to have a glance at it again, you can Delete it any time by using the delete button/icon under Action.

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