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Withdrawal Request

Withdrawal Request is an act of taking back or away something that has been granted or possessed. In context to PROMLM ICON Edition, Users are allowed to withdraw money from the Account specified to the Account specified as long as enough money available and within the limits set by the Admin from Admin Backoffice for the Business.

Withdrawal Request made with an instruction given by the User from User backoffice to Admin for performing withdrawal funds from the trading account and transfer them to the Client’s External Account or the Account of the Client’s Authorized Person, as specified in the instruction.

Withdrawal Request Menu can be available from Tool Icon on Top Right of the Header Content along with Menus of My Earnings, My Plan, My Referral Links, Fund Transfer & E – Wallet Management.

Withdrawal Request Module from where request to Withdraw Money from the Wallet either Cash or Electronic has been made by the User within the Maximum and Minimum Limits set by the Admin from PayOut Settings.

Maximum and Minimum Limits are the Upper and Lower Limits, within that range based on the availability of the funds, user can request for the withdrawal money from and to the account they specify.

An Admin Commission of 1 % will be deducted from your account for each Withdrawal made by the user.

Allowed to Withdraw 20 time(s) in a Month based on the Settings from Admin.

Withdrawal Request Setup can be done by adhering to Limitations Set for Minimum, Maximum & Current Balance by Admin. Complete the withdrawal details like Wallet Type, Withdrawal Amount, choose from the drop down Menu Withdrawal to which Account you should be making this Withdrawal To if Withdrawal Account Settings been set already & Submit to proceed with the Withdrawal Request.

Wallet Type either Cash or Electronic can be chosen for the user withdrawal.

Withdrawal Amount is the amount required to be withdrawn within the limits set by Admin.

Withdrawal Account shows the drop down menu with the Account Details set by Admin for withdrawal to make . If it hasn’t been set then, just need to choose to select set up new withdrawal Account and proceed as it takes you for completion.

Select Setup New Withdrawal Account if you have not entered the information before or want to Add a New Account for the withdrawal request. After Choosing the Payment Method of your choice for the Withdrawal, Click Submit to use that Method of Payment and Close. Payout Gateway Options as Set by the Admin will be reflected here for the User. and complete this process. Withdrawal Request can be done straightforward by the user from their backoffice effectively.

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