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User Profile

During Registration Process, the User should have completed the details with Username, Email ID, Address, Plan, Sponsor, Packages, and more based on the required fields set by the Admin from Admin Backoffice. Once the user landed on the User Backoffice after successful login credentials, they can Access their registered Profile & Plan Details and can update them if needed from User Avatar Icon at the Header Top Right Corner. Also, options to add profile images, change passwords, and more.

User Details like Username/ID with Email ID along with the Menu of Dark Theme Mode, My Profile & Logout can be seen.

Username is the name given by the user under this field during the Registration Process.

User ID is the ID generated by the software for the user during the Registration Process.

Email ID leads you to the E-Mail Page from where users can Send Messages to those whom they need to pass on any important pieces of information quickly as soon as landed on the page.

Logout of the site can be done any time using Logout.

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