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User Organization

ProMLM ICOM enables you to Empower your MLM business with our variety of Compensation Plans including Hybrid models & Meticulous Configuration that you can choose for your business. Increased efficiency with a defined configuration process that provides control and improves visibility with tracking. Plans can be managed from the Back office to incorporate Ranks, Commissions, Upgrade Privileges & many more with ease which will be reflected for the User to be used with.

Comprehensive MLM Plans include Unilevel, Party Plan, Australian X-Up, Binary, Board Matrix, Hybrid, Forced Matrix, Cycle Matrix, Linear or Mono-Line & Stair-Step Break Away Plan.

Plan Configuration Manager includes Bonus of Generation, Matching, Retail Bonus, Bonus Pool, Rank & Product Level Commission.

Plan Configuration Settings enable Add & Edit Registration Packages, Setting Conditions, Add Plan Configuration, Rank & Achievement Settings, Entry Criteria Settings, Free Entry, One Time Payment, Free Entry & Upgrade, Set Configuration Membership Type, Plan Scaling, Commission Settings Set Level Commission, Set Joining Commission

My Organization Menu displays My Organization & List View. Genealogy of the Network that User Enrolled on based on their  Compensation Plan will be displayed under My Organisation which can be viewed as Graphical & List Representations.

Genealogies are the backbone of every Party Plan and MLM compensation plan providing a present and historical record of all the members included in each representative’s team. Interactive Genealogy View of the Network is provided to Visualize the Members Position.

Genealogy Tree Menu in My Organisation Page displays the Network View based on the Business Plan Set by Admin including Binary, Unilevel, Forced, Hybrid & more with Graphical Genealogy, Tabular Genealogy, Downline Count Genealogy, Rank Genealogy & Collapse Genealogy. Just hover around the View will show the Member Details with Email ID, Rank, Sponsor & Username. Previous, Top, Referral Links, Search & Full Screen View are also available.

Tabular View or Tree Genealogy is basically a feature that allows the whole system to be available in the Tree-like Structure with most of the information included. With just a Cursor movement Dot – Expand and Collapse, the whole member line-up can be displayed. Member Details enable to comprehend the working Profile of the Members and thereby accelerate the working efforts.

Genealogy in Graphical View enables the user to have a clear knowledge of the Downline Distributors, their position, where to add more users to earn more Revenue and so on which in turn will be helpful for Business Growth. You can view the Graphical Genealogy of Members in the Network with ease. Use the Search Option available at the top to find out Specific Users/Distributors. Templates chosen by the Admin can be viewed under Graphical View.

Graphical User Details of Name, Title, Description – Sponsor, Phone number, Email, Rank, Rank image & Members ID can be displayed upon clicking the View/ Box.

Downline Count View Gives the Member in Downline View which makes it easy for the Admin to find out the areas which require more work required to build the success of the business at a glance. Based on that, Enrolling the New member into the desired spot is very helpful for the Network Growth as well. Admin chosen Template View is reflected for the User and can Use Search for any Downline Count Members. Use + for Expand or – for Collapse to View the Downline Count Members.

Rank View helps to View the Members in the Network based on Ranks. + or – can be used to Expand or Collapse to View Rank Genealogy. Graphical Template View chosen by the Admin will be shown here and can use Search for finding any Members in the Network.

Collapse View helps to view the Members in the Network at a Glance by either Collapsing or Expanding unshaded/shaded circle. Using Scroll Bar at the Side, you can move up and down according to our convenience for viewing in the Collapse Form.

List View displays the Organisation Network in a List Upon choosing the Active Plan from the Menu, with User Avatar, Username, User Commission, Email ID, Country & Ask Option. Ask will lead the User to the Message Centre from where can Send and Receive Message. Referral Link also in use upon Clicking will be copied & Used.

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