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User Front-End

Basic Information

PROMLM ICON Software comprises of 3 parts: they are Front End which is the Website User Interface seen by all the people who lands into your Business Site, Back End which is also called as Member Backoffice accessible only by the Registered Members & Admin Backoffice also called as BackEnd which is accessible only by the Business Owner or whom has been authorised by him called as Admin.

User Interface or FrontEnd look, feel & overall experience may vary based on your Business Requirements & Model. User FrontEnd may be your already existing Website to which we can integrate our PROMLM ICON Software or you can own a website by selecting from the available Templates with us or any desired Templates of your choice to get integrated with our ICON Software.

Commencing the journey

Many possible ways are available for any potential User to land in your purchased PROMLM ICON Software Front End or Website. It includes Referral Link, Word of Mouth, Web Search, Browsing, Accidental , Referred by any friends or colleagues and so on. Out of them, some do just window shopping, some may buy your products in the website & do shopping & some may actually show interest in your Referral or MLM or Network Marketing or Direct Selling Plans and commence their journey as a Registered Member in your Business Organization. For Registration Account Type both Distributors and Customers, they will be owning their own User Backoffice from which they can do their shopping relaxed & comfortably. Very Simple & easy to managing their Account with their Login Credentials.

If any User just want to do shopping, they can create their own Shop Account with username, Email, Password by providing essential information as it prompts to open an account for easy and quick purchase. Based on the available Product or Service in your website, User can make use of the purchase using the Payment Options that has been set from the Admin Backoffice for your Business Organization. Email Notifications with Order Details and Delivery will be shown as per the Notification Settings done by the Organization from Admin Backoffice.

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