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User Details

Top Row User Avatar/Image with Profile details like Username, Rank, when User Joined the Plan, What Plan, Personal Volume, Personal Active, Personal Sponsored, My Sponsor, Package Name & Update Package will be shown adding value with its displayed helpful information.

User Avatar which is the Profile Image of the User can be updated from Profile settings which in turn reflects here. It gives a Personal feel for the Distributors/ Users & enables them to act enthusiastically towards their goal.

Username is the name given in this field by the user during the Registration Process displayed in the User Backoffice Dashboard.

Rank is the achievement level or title of the user with an image depends on the business plan.

The date on when the User enrolled will be displayed near the Rank Title.

The plan gives the details of the plan to which the User been enrolled based on the Business Structure.

Personal Volume is the volume of sales accumulated for the user in the network under his /her own or self credit or achievement earned.

Personal Active shows the status of the User in the Network.

Personal Sponsored shows the members who have been enrolled under him in the Network.

My Sponsor shows the name under whom the user been enrolled in the Network.

Package Name gives the name of the Package to which the user has been joined in the Network based on the Business Structure.

Update Package will take the User to My Plan Page from where Package can be Upgraded with no hassle. From just a Dashboard Click of Update Package User can easily Upgrade the Package based on the business structure.

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