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PROMLM ICON provides an Effective Rapid Ticket System.

Ticket Centre is an important Module that can be handled with ease. How to raise tickets by the User to the Admin so that they can act from Admin Backoffice related to the user raised Business Issues or queries or any failures or errors will be discussed here in detail.

Normal Functionalities like Search Option, Show Display Entries, Toggle or Sort Icon except Action all the Individual Columns can be Sorted using the Toggle Feature, Flip through Pages with <> & Easy Access to Top Page by Arrow Icon also available. Users can land into the Home Page which is the Dashboard anytime upon Clicking on the Home Icon next to the Title.

Distributor/Users can raise the Tickets supported with the Attachments & Screenshots for their claimed Queries, Issues, System Failure, Pending Transaction Details, Malfunctioning, Errors or for any Required Clarifications. This can be done by submitting the raised issues by making a suitable selection of Submit Tickets.

Raised Tickets will be displayed under Tickets in Admin Backoffice with Ticket Number, Category, Subject, Status, Date, and Action Tool. Ticket Counts will be shown under Pending Tickets, Recently Uploaded & New Tickets as Header Boxes for ease of View.

New or Updated or Pending Ticket will be shown based on the status of the Ticket. once Tickets have been raised it will show under New Tickets and as it’s been updated with the Reply it is also showing under Updated Tickets. If it’s not been sorted out then will show under Pending Tickets.

Add Ticket

Once the Ticket is submitted by the User with the selection on Submit Ticket, Add Ticket Page will be displayed.

Add Ticket Page will prompt you to fill in the Category by Selecting from the available drop-down Menu like General, Billing, Registration & More. Tickets can be Supported with the Attachments by browsing the Computer, fill in the Subject, Content & Submit to raise the Ticket. New Ticket Added Successful Message will be shown once done.

Tickets are categorized as Pending Tickets, Recently Updated & New Tickets. Based on the current status it will be displayed.

The subject is the Ticket Subject of the issue raised by the User under Ticket for the Admin to take the appropriate action.

The description is the Ticket Description which should be clear and explanatory for the Admin to solve the issue. Otherwise it may delay the process in fixing due to a lack of understanding of the issue.

Add Attachments from where the user can upload the supporting documents explaining the issue for the Admin to rectify the error or so. Users can upload the attachment by choosing the file from the computer in PDF or Video format that assists the Admin in solving the raised ticket swiftly without further delay.

The category will show the drop-down menus like General, Billing, Registration & more that are made available for the User from Admin Backoffice.

View Ticket

Upon choosing the Ticket Subject, it will land on View Ticket from where each raised Ticket can be seen in detail under Account & Subject along with the Reply, Communications & Status updated from the Admin for that particular raised Ticket.

Added New Ticket can be Viewed upon Clicking the View Eye Icon under Action. This will take you to the View Ticket Page which includes the Details of the User ID, User Name, Ticket No, Subject, Category, Ticket that has been Raised Details with Attachments and also have the Options to Add more Attachments or Details to the Ticket in the Reply and Submit.

Under Subject,  elaborate information with documents of the Ticket that have been raised by the user, Ticket ID or No, Username, User Image, Added Attachments, Response from Admin with attachments if any, Reply from User again with Attachments to the Admin if required, Status,  Date & Time will be shown. Thus the Communications between the User and Admin take place which enables to fix the issue swiftly.

View Ticket Display can be seen with User Avatar/ ID, User Name, Ticket Number, Subject, Category, Date, Content & Attachment if available.

Ticket No or ID is the Number or ID automatically generated by the Ticket for that specific Raised Ticket by the User.

 Ticket Status will detail the status of the raised ticket as closed, open, new, pending by the User.

Ticket Category like General, Billing, etc which has been chosen from the drop-down menu for that particular ticket will be displayed here. This category is entirely based on the menus set by the Admin.

User Image shows the Profile image of the User who raised the Ticket.

Username is the Profile Username of the User who raised the Ticket.

Subject shows the subject detail of the User Raised Ticket.

Date & Time shows the Date and Time on which the Ticket is actually created by the User.

Admin Response shows the action taken by the Admin for the issues that have been raised for that particular User with explanations along with supporting attachments or clarifying documents. If it’s solved then the Status will be moved to Closed, if not User can reply the Admin with further supporting explanatory documents.


Reply from the View Ticket with more Supporting Documents/ Attachments if needed for further Clarifications to the Admin. Once added can send by Submit and will receive sent Successful Message.

Reply with Attachments gives the User the option to make a response if required further to detail the knowledge of the issues that haven’t been solved yet for the Admin.

Admin can also be kept informed of the Tickets Replied Successful Message in the Admin Backoffice. All the Communications between the User & the Admin will be very useful in fixing or solving the problem. Now and then Ticket Status will be updated and issues are quickly rectified.

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