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The Dynamic Dashboard

Once Successful Login User will end up in Backoffice Dashboard or can reach to Dashboard from anywhere around the Backoffice using Top Left Dashboard Home Icon which is easy to find out. Quick access to Dashboard is of much use to the users.

A Dashboard is a Type of Graphical User Interface which often provides at-a-glance views of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to a Business Process.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a type of performance measurement demonstrating how effective the success of an organization or of a particular activity in which it engages.

PROMLM ICON Software comprises the Comprehensive aspect of Software Supremacy & enables to have complete business control with Intelligible Real-Time Data Visuals of Dashboard. It also entitles the Users in availing the of easy accessibility to various modules or tools or features from Dashboard at a finger-tip. Intuitive data presentation & Easy to use Navigational Tools.

Dynamic Dashboard acts as an Information Management Tool that Visually Tracks, Analyze and Displays KPI, Metrics and Key Data Points to Monitor the Business Growth.  Users’ Dashboard also enables them to envisage the Overall Business happenings from different ways of displays including the graphical or tabular form or Icon, Image, or data information. Left Menu Column & Main Body Content can be moved up and down using Scroll Bar at the Sides Separately.

Dashboard Synopsis gives the Significant Information that are happening in your day to day Business like Referral Link, Replicated URL, Promote Social, Rank, Next Target Requirements,  Total Downlines, New Orders, Frontline, Personal, Downline Sales Since last Month, Total Commission, Package Purchased, Point Value, New Enrollment , Wallet Amount, Withdrawal Request, Update Package, when User Joined the Plan, What Plan, Personal Volume, Personal Active, Personal Sponsored, My Sponsor, Package Name, Profit Analysis, My (User) Downlines based on the Business Plan, Member Stats, Events, Top Products, Top Earners, Chat, Sales Stats, Recently Joined Distributors, Trends, Top Selling Products, Social Media Feed, Sales By Country, Party Plan PV & Host Party.


Top Dashboard Content displays the Referral Link, Replicated URL,  Promote Social, Next Rank Requirements, Number of Total Downlines, New Orders, Frontline, Personal & Downline Sales for the quick & easy access to do the corresponding Actions from the User Dashboard itself.

Referral Link upon Clicking will enable Copy and can be used in the browser to take you directly to Referral Link Registration Process.

Replicated URL on Clicking, Copy and can be used in the Browser for the corresponding Action with ease.

Promote Social will take you to the Corresponding Page where Resources, Banner, Channel, Group, Social Promotion, Text Promotion & Drive that have been uploaded and Approved for and by the Organisation are reflected here for the User. Header Promote Social Title also take you to the Promote Social Page.

Next Rank Requirements will be shown with the Rank if that condition  or achievement or award has been included in the Business Structure. View Rank Requirement enable the user to find out what is the qualification need to achieve next rank & can have an understanding of what or how much actions or efforts that has to be put in from the user side .

Total Downline Count show the total number of downline members enrolled under the users since last month.

New Orders show the total number of new orders in the business since last month.

Frontline show the total number of frontline or upline members enrolled under whom the users been enrolled since last month.

Sales including Personal & Downline Sales will be displayed.

Personal Sales show the total number of personal sales made by the user since last month.

Downline Sales show the total number of Downline sales made under the user since last month.


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