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Team is a group of individuals working together to achieve their goal. Admin & Sub Admins are involved in managing the Distributors in the Organization & their goal is to manage the distributors. Together as a Team work towards achieving business growth with consistent revenue through their referrals, commissions, e-commerce & many more depending on the business plan configured for the organization. Admin Role Management, Multiple Sub Admin, Sub Admin Privileges, Customized Menus, Access Control, Add & Edit Actions, Robust Member Management, Interactive Data Table, Data Monitoring & Analysis will be discussed in Team.

ProMLM ICON CLOUD empower your MLM business with our Leading Role Management which is one of several built-in roles in the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) permissions model in ProMLM’ iCON. This Role Management enables Administrators to manage Management Role groups; role assignment policies, role entries and scopes in an Organization. Users assigned this role can override the role group managed by property, configure any role group and add or remove members to or from any role group. Management Role assignment policies, users, or universal security groups (USG), act as a logical grouping & help you to decentralize operations without compromising the security and confidentiality of the platform.

Admin Backoffice Header Central Team Menu consists of Role Management, Distributors, Add Distributor, Group Recruitment, Abandoned, Social Users & Leads. Each Menu plays its own Role as Name Intends.

Team Features

Standard Team Features are display entries, flip page, search & navigation using proper icons or actions.

Display Entries  can be set as 10,25,50,100 using Top Drop Down Menu which will reflect on that page and also display at the bottom.

Flip through the Pages using < > at the bottom can be done or choose the Page Number.

Use of Scroll bars can be done effectively within the team for various purposes. Name & Action Column remain Intact whereas the other Columns / Row can be scrolled up & down or forward & backward, In Other words Top to Bottom & Left to Right or Vice Versa using Horizontal & Vertical Scrolling Bars which covers Name to Status & Action.

Use Search Option to find any Search based on that Menu.

Selecting the Plan from the Select Drop Down Menu with Active or Suspend at the Top Right Corner or Type the Search  will display the result.

Select the Rows using Green Circle at the Top Right will

Deselect the Rows using Red Circle Icon

Use the Toggle Column Option at the Right Side to Toggle the Column upon Selecting from the Pop Up Box and Submit.

Sort out Arrow Option  used to sort out all the Title Columns.

Action Distributor Icons can be used by Admin to manage the Distributors in that Page. Blue Edit Icon, Black View Icon, Red Reset Password Icon & Yellow Auto Login Icon are the Icon Tools under Distributor Action at the Right.

Auto Login – Yellow Icon for any selected Distributors will take you to the Distributors Dashboard from the Admin itself. This will enable to look into the Distributors back office in detail & act upon if required.

Edit Distributor can be done using Edit Icon for making any amendments to the user details by just clicking on the Icon, make your changes and Submit.

View the Distributor Details using the View Icon for any selected Distributors by just clicking on the related Icon & will know the Distributor in detail. Clicking on Desired Name under Name also leads here.

Reset Password of the Distributor can be done using Reset Password Icon for any selected Distributors by just changing the Password, typing new one and Reset for the new Password Update.

Auto Login to the Distributor for any selection will land on the Distributors Dashboard from the Admin backoffice itself thereby enabling to look into the Distributors back office in detail & act upon if required.

Admin Role Management

Role Management is the Place where some of the Admin Role can be delegated to somebody chosen by the Admin or the Management as Sub Admin with its accessible privileges. Thus Sub Admin and its Privileges can be easily set up from Role Management & utilised effectively. How many sub admin can be set from Admin Backoffice entirely depends on the purchased Business Plan & Package.

Add Role Management Page from where can set Sub Admin using ADD.

Add Sub Admin with their Name, Status as Active or Suspend, Email ID & Control of Access either All Access or Choice of Selection can be added by using ADD and Submit. Access will display all the available Menus for the Business and can set the allowed Menus for the Sub Admin Usage as per the need.

Multiple Sub Admins can be created  using the Customised Menus. You can choose different access control for each Sub Admins by setting the Menus accordingly & submit to proceed or cancel to undo the action. Expanding the Menus can select/deselect them accordingly.

Action gives you the option to Edit & Delete, thereby Sub Admin Addition can be updated . Make sure to Update once changes done.

Edit Role Management Page from where Sub Admin changes be done.

Edit Sub Admin using Edit icon under Action in Role Management page will lead you to the Edit Role Management Page from where added sub admin details like Name, Email ID, Access Control & Status can be edited & updated.

Row Selection for the Desired Row by tick square box & do any change.

Delete Icon will simply erase the added sub admin privileges set.

Confirm the Delete Action is Important to make it wisely. As clicking the Delete Icon will delete the entire Sub Admin that have been set, before doing this Action need to confirm upon Accept to Delete or will Cancel the Delete Action.

Access Control will show the added sub-admin access and can be changed under Edit.

Status can be either Active which is Green or Suspend which is Red based on the selection.

Robust Member Management

Member Management empowers the Admin to manage the User effectively from Admin Backoffice. With our Robust Member Management, its made easy to View & Manage the Members or Distributors with the elaborate details of Name, Contact, Plan, Rank, Joining Date, Login Date with Time and Date, Wallet info, Account Status, Member Plan Menu which includes Genealogy Tree, Referral Link, Plan Package, Subscription Details, Sponsor, Direct Referrals, Payment & Rank Info. Entire Member Profile or any Updates along with search and filter option can be done with ease. Auto-Login enables you to view & manage the Members from the comfort of your (Admin) BackOffice. Communications are simplified as sending messages can be done within a matter of time.

Key Factors of Member Management comprises of Add Member, Profile Management, View Members, Edit Members, Members Transactions, Withdrawal, PV, GPV, Member Activities, Send Bonus,  Abandoned Members, Social Users, Members Plan with Graphical Genealogy, Suspend or Active Members, Membership Status by Admin Approval, Auto Login, Contact Member, Group Recruitment, Search Members, Block Members,  Access Control,  Role Management,  Reset Password, Sub Admin Privileges, Delete Members from System, Upload Bulk Member,  Group Members, E – Cart Product Listing & Purchase History.


Header Central Team Menu leads to the Distributors from where you can View the Distributors who have enrolled in your Organisation with the details of the their Sponsor, Email, First Name, Last Name, Address, Country, State, City, Phone Number, Plan, Rank, Date of Joining DOJ, Last Login Date with Time, PV, GPV, Status & Account Status. Use Action to Manage the Distributors using Appropriate Action Icons.

Sponsor shows the name of the sponsor under whom the User has been enrolled into the Network.

Email is the Email ID provided by the User upon registration.

First Name is the name given for this field during Registration.

Last Name is the name given for this field during Registration.

The address is the detail provided by the user for this Field which gives the location of the company or home for communication.

Phone Number is the contact details given by the User for this Field.

The plan is the User Plan under which they have enrolled.

Date of Join provides the joining date of the User into the Network.

Last Paid gives the information of the payment that the user last paid if it’s a paid membership.

The last Login gives the last login detail of the user to the Network with date and time.

Status shows if the User is Active or Suspend.

Membership or Account Status gives the membership condition of the user paid, free, upgrade.If it is paid, it has to be approved manually by Admin till then it will show as waiting for approval.

Rank is the level or rank of the user who has enrolled into network based on the business need.

PV shows how much personal volume earned by the User.

GPV shows how much Group Sales volume earned by the User.

Distributor Action

Admin can manage the Distributors Page Action by choosing appropriate desired Action. Three Dots – Blue Circle- Edit Icon, Eye – Black Circle – View Icon, Key – Red Circle – Reset Password Icon & Image – Yellow Circle – Auto Login Icon are the Icon Tools under Distributor Action at the Right.

Edit Distributor – Use this Blue/ Edit Icon – if you want to make Updates to any Distributor. Clicking on the Icon will take you to the Edit Distributor Page where make your changes and Submit.

View Distributor – View the Distributor Details using the Black/ View Icon for any selected Distributors. Clicking on the Icon will take you to the Corresponding Distributor Page from where you are able to know the Distributor in detail & using Desired Name in Name also leads here.

Distributor – Reset Password Use the Reset Password – Red Icon for any selected Distributors to change the Password. Reset the Password by typing new one and Reset for the new Password Update.

Distributor – Auto Login Auto Login – Yellow Icon for any selected Distributors will take you to the Distributors Dashboard from the Admin itself. This will enable to look into the Distributors back office in detail & act upon if required.

Interactive Distributor Table

User Details in 12 columns will be displayed under User Menu. All the Users who have been Registered in the Organization will be detailed in the Interactive Data Table with Username, Sponsor, Email, First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone Number, Plan, Last Paid, Date of Join, Last Login & Status. Admin can view the individual information of the Users more elaborately upon User Selection. User Registration Fields can be set from the Admin and can be made mandatory if necessary. Based on that User can add their details and will be displayed under User Info in Admin Backoffice. User can also go to their backoffice and can update the mandatory or non mandatory details anytime.

Tabular Form Details can be viewed upon scrolling left to right and from top to bottom using the Scroll Bar. At the Top of the Table, you have the Option to choose the number of displays to be shown per page. Every Column Title has the Filter Option to filter the specific subject. While choosing the filter it will also prompt to select Contains, Not Contains, Equals, Not Equal, Starts with & Ends With . Use the Toggle Column Option at the Right Side to Toggle the Column upon Selecting from the Pop Up Box and Submit. All the Title Column have the Sort out Arrow Option upon clicking will sort out the Columns. Search also available.

Username will show the name given under username by the User during the Registration Process. Username remains intact while scrolling from left to right so that easy to view for the specific fields of a particular User. You can scroll up and down the whole Table to view the details of the User. Individual User Profile will be shown if select that Username from the Table which is of very useful for the Admin to have a clear picture of that User.

Distributor Profile

Distributor Details can be seen from Admin Backoffice either by Clicking on the Selected Distributor under the Name Column or by Clicking on Black View Icon under Action.

You will be landed in the User Profile upon selecting the individual username from the User Details Table for whom you wanted their information to look into more depth.

Top Left

Distributor Profile Details with Username, Profile Image of the selected user details from the User Table will be shown at the Top Left.

Top Right

User Amount in Cash & E – Wallet will be displayed at the Top Right with the Options to Contact, Edit, Suspend, Delete, Suspend Or Reset Password using Proper Selection of Menus.

Send Message from Contact. You can contact the person using Contact which allows you to send Email directly

User Activation has to be done manually from suspend to active upon new enrolment of the user. Usually once the user been registered by default it will be suspended. Admin has to manually activate the user from User Profile.

Suspend Selection enable the Admin to suspend that User till made Active by Admin from Admin Backoffice.

Edit User by clicking on Edit User which leads you to the Edit User Page from where you can make changes the necessary field for that user and Upon Submit will Update that User Profile.

Reset Password give the option to reset the User Password by just completing the password & submit. In case if the user wanted the Admin to reset the password as they forgot the Password this will be very helpful. Also by changing the Password Admin can have the access to the User Backoffice. Make use of the Search Option if required.

Profile Bottom

 Entire User Details will be displayed at the bottom of that specific User Profile with User Info, User Plan, Purchases, Transaction, Withdrawal, PV, Fund Transferred, Message Sent & Activities. Based on the selection of the details, specific information can be viewed which is of very useful for the Admin by Selecting Appropriate Menus.

User Information such as Member ID, First and Last Name, Email ID, Contact No, Login Status, Member Type, Address with full details of street, city, state, country, zip code, Date of Join, join from, last login from, member from, last login, EIN, Date of Birth, Withdrawal Account Details, Supporting Documents & Replicating URL can be seen. Clicking on Replicating URL will take you to the Sponsor Info Page.

Plan Menu Selection will give you the Plan Details of the Distributor such as Genealogy Tree, More Info, Referral Link, All Plan Type, Membership Type, Status, Login Status, Package, Subscription Expiry Date, Sponsor, Parent, Direct Referrals, Join Date, Payment Info & Rank. You can see their Genealogy by choosing from the Drop Down Menu and Dynamic Referral Link will take to the Registration Page for New Registration using Username and Password and further filling up the form as it prompts, Sponsor Details & ID been populated automatically as it goes from Referral Link.

Awaiting for Admin Approval for Membership Status which highlights in Red for the Admin to Click on so that Status for the Distributor can be Active.

More Info will show the Plan Information of the Distributor.

Genealogy Tree show the Menu of Genealogy Tree, Tabular Genealogy, Graphical Genealogy, Downline Count Genealogy, Rank & Collapse Genealogy. Clicking on them will display the Genealogy Tree of the Distributor based on chosen Plan Plan & Package that the user been enrolled in the Network.

Purchase Details of the Distributor such as the Description of the Package Purchases made, Date, Payment Method used for the purchases and the Amount can be seen.

Membership Status can be made Active Manually from here for that User once they have Registered if required till then their membership will be shown as inactive only.

Transaction Details of the Distributor like Date, Description of the Transactions made & Amount of Transaction can be seen.

Withdrawal – Amount Requested for withdrawal, Account Details, Status & Request Date Details are the Distributor Withdrawal Information which can be seen.

PV Details of Distributor such as PV, Description & Date information can be seen.

Fund Transferred -How much Amount Fund has been transferred, Date and Users details of the Distributor seen under Fund Transferred.

Messages sent by the Distributors with Name, Subject & Date be seen.

Activities Date & Time, IP address of the Distributors can be seen and thereby know their Activities.

Recruit From Admin

From Team Menu Add Distributors, Admin can Add Distributors Manually or Recruit from Admin Backoffice.

Adding Steps Can be done by following 4 Steps – Add Distributor Account, Enter their Details, Selecting Plan, Submit & Review.

Add Account Account Details of the Distributors like User Name, Password, Retype Password, Email ID, First Name, Last Name are to be filled in manually by Admin & proceed to Step 2 by Clicking on Bottom Next.

Password should be of minimum 8 characters, one capital letter, one special character, one lowercase letter, one number and no spaces are allowed. Only choose this type of password for security reason. Confirm the password by following the password rules for the new selection.

Enter Details Distributor Details like Address, Phone Number, Country, State & City are to be added and Proceed to Step 3 by Clicking on Next. You can go Back anytime using Back to Update Account Details.

Select Plan Select the Available Plan from Drop Down Menu. Based on the Plan will ask you to fill in more details like Package Name, Sponsor Name. You can go Back anytime by Clicking on Back to Update the Details or Proceed to Step 4 by choosing Next.

Submit & Review Enter the Zip Code Details, Review the Details & Submit to Add the Distributor. If it is successful will show as Add Distributor OK. Now it will be display the Newly Added Distributor under Team Distributor. Admin can perform the Action as and when required by choosing Icon accordingly.

As per the Admin Email Notifications in the Settings, Distributor will receive Registration Email with Login Details, Password, Unique URL Address which leads to the Distributor Backoffice.

Group Recruitment

Admin can upload Bulk Distributors here.

Bulk Distributor Details with User Name, Email, Sponsor Name are Mandatory and should be in CSV file.

Date format for member date of joining also in CSV file dd/mm/yyyy.

Use link View Countries in order to get country iD. You have the option to download sample file.

Selecting plan by filling in the boxes by, browse, choose to upload the file and submit or cancel to undo the action. This is very helpful to Upload Group Recruitment into the Network in one go with ease by Admin.

Abandoned Distributors

Here it will display the Abandoned Distributors Details with Name, Plan, Email ID, Date & Time.

Name gives the filled in details given by the distributor during registration and now displaying under abandoned distributors.

Plan gives the abandoned distributors plan to which they have enrolled on to during registration.

Using the Edit Red Circle under Action will Delete the entire Row of the Abandoned Distributor from the Record.

Email ID gives the abandoned distributors email address which they have given during enrolment.

Date & Time on which the abandoned distributors been enrolled into the network.

Social Users

Admin can easily sort out the Distributors based on their Social Usage from Social Users.

Social User Details with Name, Email ID, From Date of Joining the Social Media, Date & Time will be displayed here.

Name gives the filled in details given by the distributor during registration and now displaying under social user.

Email ID gives the social users email address which they have given during enrolment.

Date & Time on which the social user distributors been enrolled into the network.

Date of Joining the Social Media will be displayed for the social users.


Admin can view the Marketing Lead Contacts here under Leads which can be of very helpful for the Business Growth.

Details of Leads like Date and Time, Sponsor, Name, Phone, Email, Source, City, State &  Country are displayed here under Leads.

Clicking on Icon under the Action will perform the Action respectively.

Date and Time of the first contact of the Lead.

Sponsor gives the person name under whom first lead contact made.

Name gives the lead contact name.

Phone gives the contact number of the lead.

Email provide the email address to communicate with the lead.

Source give the details from where the lead first contact been made.

Address give the City, State & Country of the Lead enabling the Admin to make communication with them.

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