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Social Media Engine

ProMLM Icon enables to empower your MLM business with our Social Engine features & Connect with your Team. Members through Social Networks from the Back office to promote Sales, Products and Services. Promoting your business on Social Media is easy with our powerful Social Media Or Promote Social Tools & Giving your distributors the Tools to succeed.

Our Social Media Networking Engine provides a robust framework on which to build all kinds of Social Environments, an internal Collaborative Platform for your Organization. Advance your Trading with our Tools Efficiently in enhancing the Website Traffic & Sales, Networking & Partnerships, Faster, Easier Communication and built Reputation can be showcased effectively through Social Media.

Promote Social is one of the Marketing Platform available from Admin Backoffice Marketing Header Title.

Key Characteristics of Social Media Engine comprises of Social Resources, Video, PDF, Banners, YouTube Channel, Group, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , LinkedIn, Pinterest, Text Promotion, Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Google Analytics, Split A/B Testing, News Feed, Timeline, Messaging, Webchat & Share pics.

Promote Social Menu includes Manage Resources, Banners, Youtube channel, Social Promotion, Text Promotion, Drive & Promote Social that can be completed by the Admin  from Admin Backoffice to be reflected for User on their Backoffice.


Resources of Promote Social includes Video & PDF Documents that has to be completed from Admin Backoffice based on their requirement.

Some Promotional News can be in PDF form for that can use PDF.

Promotional Messages which are in Video Format can be uploaded as Video Upload.

Add Video – Just need to Add Video for uploading videos by Selecting Titles, Embedding Video URL, Status either On or Off & ensure to make Submit or Cancel to undo the actions.

Add PDF – For uploading PDF also same except browse file and select after giving the Title, Status as on or off and Submit or Cancel.

Once Video or PDF been uploaded, it can be managed under Manage Resources with the Details of Title, Type either Video or PDF, Status, Upload Date and Action which enables to do the Default Features of Actions like Edit & Delete.


Manage Banner is the Promotional Tool which provides you the Options to Promote your Business using Banners.

Banners can be added by Admin to be shown on the User Side.

Status can be set on or off & based on that will be available for the distributor.

Add Banners – Upon clicking Add, fill in the required details, upload your Banners & Submit makes you to promote with ease from Admin Backoffice itself.

Use Action Edit for making any changes to the added banners/

Action Delete Icons to remove the added banners.


Manage Channel using Add Channel Feature where you have to fill in the details that you are prompted with like Title, API Key, Channel Id, Maximum Result, Status as On or Off & Submit to proceed further or Cancel to Undo the Actions.

If status is off, it won’t be available for the user. So make sure to set as on, if want to be reflected for the user.

Youtube Channel can be added from Admin Backoffice for the Distributors to make use of it from their side.

In order to get the Youtube API Key follow the referral link & same wise for the Youtube Channel ID aswell.

Once added it will be displayed under Manage Channel & use Edit or Delete using Proper Icons under Action.


Manage Group is the Social Media Group which includes Facebook Page/Group, Twitter Page, Instagram Page, Youtube & Feed. This plays an important role in the Business Growth.

Groups can be added Just from the Admin Backoffice by Clicking on to the Group of your Choice, fill in the details as it prompts and submit to proceed further or cancel to undo the actions without any hassle.

Promote Social Group comprises of Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Youtube Page, Twitter & Feeds, Instagram Page that can be enabled from Admin Backoffice, if so based on their configurations will be shown for the distributor or User.

For promoting in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, you can use Facebook, Twitter Feeds. If you can apply the appropriate URL, then you can use Social Group.

Social Promotion includes the Social Media Group that are approved by Admin for the business & made Active from Admin Backoffice can be reflected for the distributors on their side.

Facebook – Fill in the details of Facebook Page URL, Set the Status On/Off & Click Submit to implement the action or Cancel to undo.

Twitter Page – Fill in the details of Twitter Page URL, Set the Status On/Off & Click Submit to implement the action or Cancel to undo.

Instagram – Fill in the details of Instagram Page URL, Set the Status On/Off & Click Submit to implement the action or Cancel to undo.

YouTube  – Fill in the details of Youtube Page URL, Set the Status On/Off & Click Submit to implement the action or Cancel to undo.

Feeds – Fill in the details of Facebook & Twitter Feed, Set the Status On/Off & Click Submit to implement the action or Cancel to undo.


Add Promo Social – By filling in the Name, Description, Status – On/Off & Submit to add Promo Social or Cancel to undo the action.

Text Promotion includes SMS, WhatsApp will be for use in Distributor side has to be approved from Admin Backoffice by Admin here.

Add Text Promotion – By filling in the details of Promotion Text like Content , To whom you need to send has to be selected from the Select list – All, Active, Suspend, Paid, Free, Selective or Type, Choose the option of Send list – WhatsApp or SMS & Click Submit to Proceed with Text Promotion or Cancel to Undo the action.


Under this you can Manage Drive.  It is very simple & easy to manage the Drive without any hassle as it requires just to fill in the URL Details, set the Status either on or off and submit to proceed further with the action or cancel to undo.

Manage Drive includes Drop Box, Google Drive. One Drive by Admin that are endorsed here from Admin Backoffice will be available for the Distributor.

Dropbox – Fill in Dropbox URL, Status – On/Off & Submit or Cancel to undo the action.

Google Drive – Fill in Google Drive URL, Status – On/Off & Submit or Cancel to undo the action.

One Drive – Fill in OneDrive URL, Status – On/Off & Submit or Cancel to undo the action.

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