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Shopping Made Easy

Shopping Made Easy

Either Digital or Physical or Both Products purchase availability will be based on the Products that have been made available by the Admin for the Users to purchase from User Backoffice or Shop Menus & User can add their  Products to their Wish List or Shopping Cart and go through the process of View Cart, Check Out Order Completion.

Wish List offers the Users quick options to add the desired or interested downloadable item to the basket or shopping cart and make the purchase eventually by adding to the Shopping Cart.

Viewing the Cart is done when the User wanted to see or check the added downloadable products in the Shopping Cart to have a final decision before going through the Purchase Process.

Check Out can be done once Users are ready to Order their downloadable Products with Payment after Viewing their Cart and made the final decision.

Order can be completed after availing Gift Code or Discount Coupon or E – Pin based on the privileges available to the User by Admin corresponding to that Network & make the payment for their product for the completed Check Out.

Order Email Notifications will be received once the product order is completed successfully with the details of an Order ID, Item Description, Price, Delivery Details, Date, and more information.

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