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Shop Replicated site

Shop Replicate Site

Replicated site is a feature that allows you to create Replicated sites for your affiliates. Replicated (personalized) site is a lead generation tool used to enroll potential subscribers & can be a landing page, a company website, or an online store.

PROMLM ICON Shop Replicate Site feature provides the user to personalize their own shop replicate site from shop replicates site settings. With this Shop Replicated website, your MLM startup company can launch, fast-track their business, enroll their distributors & share it with others in buying the products or service from their shop. This website uses browser cookies to improve user experience and analyze website traffic but never stores any sensitive information.

How To Replicate Site Works

By making replicated site, affiliates can promote the business even if do not have their own website to place banners. From replicated site settings affiliates can just copy their URL and post it to potential customers. Replicated sites are personalized for each affiliate, and ensure that when customers visit the site, cookies will be saved and the sale will be referred to the affiliate. Thus affiliates can promote business products more comfortably and create more complicated content about the products by just copy and paste prepared content, add links or banners to the website, send emails to their customers.

Shop Replicated Site Settings

Shop Replicate Site Settings will be reached from Shop Replicate Site Menu Selection from Top Right Header Cart or from Shop Replicate Site Title/ Menu of the Bottom Header Content.

General URL Shop Replicated Site that has been set from the admin will be reflected here and User has the Options to Add Details in the Shop Replicated Site Settings thereby personalizing the site.

Shop Replicated Site Settings comprises of Site Settings, Slider Settings, Content Pages & Testimonial Settings.

Site Settings include Sponsor Mail ID, Footer, Phone Number, Site Logo that can be browsed & file size should be less than 2MB & submit to set the Shop Replicated Site. Details that you want in the Shop Replicated Site can be managed and viewed from the Site Settings hyperlink Page.

Slider Settings enables the user to Add more Sliders with Title, Image, Captions, Url & Save will set the Sliders to be displayed in Shop Replicated Site. Slider Settings with Slideshow Height, Image Alignment & Auto Advance can also be added in Slider Settings.

More Sliders can be added using Add & Save Button if not happy with the Set Slider just using the red X button or Cancel button will delete the imperfect Set Sliders.

Shop Replicated Page Contents can be added here based on your preferences using Add which shows the details like Title, Menu, Menu Type, Status & Black Edit & Red Delete Icon in Action.

Add Content Page Form include details like Page Title, Add Content Page Include in Menu to be Yes or No, Menu Type either Internal or External, Page Content, SEO Title, SEO Description, SEO Keyword, Status either Active or Inactive, Publish on Dates choose from the provided calendar, Select Expiry on Dates from the provided calendar or Never. Upon Submit will Add the content to be shown on that pages or Cancel to Undo the Action.

(SEO)Search Engine Optimization is the activity that attempts to improve Search Engine rankings. In Search results, Google displays links to pages it considers relevant and authoritative. After completing the form and submit the details will Add the Content Page Successfully.

Edit Added Content Pages can be done using the Edit Icon under Added Content Page Action can be updated upon Submit which will further Proceed with the amendments or cancel to undo the Action. Similarly, Delete Icon under Action for the Added Content Page will enable you to remove the Added Content Page completely.

Testimonial Settings is the place where Testimonies that you wanted to be shown in the Shop Replicate Site should be added with details like Content, Image, Status. Action & Search also available.

Add Testimonial Settings Page can be reached on using Add from where you are prompt to fill in the details like Contents, Image, Status either Active or Suspend & Submit.  Testimonials can be added in the Shop Replicate Site Successfully.

Edit Added Testimonial Content can be done using Black Edit Icon for the Added Testimonial Content which will lead you to the Edit Testimonial Page from where you can makes changes and Submit to enable the amendments or Cancel to undo the action. Red Icon will delete the Testimonial Content Completely.

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