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Send Bonus

Send Bonus is a Tool using which the Admin can Send Bonus to their Distributors like Gift, Achievement Bonus & more which will be reflected in their E- Wallet – Cash & Electronic.

Send Bonus Details with Username, Type, Wallet Type either Cash or Electronic, Amount, Description, Transaction ID, Date with Time for the Customers or Users/Distributors shown under Send Bonus.

Send Bonus by selecting the UserName from the Drop Down Menu, fill in the Bonus Amount, Memo, Select Wallet Option either Electronic or Cash, Write down a Memo saying why this Bonus is for & Submit to proceed with Sending Bonus or cancel to undo the action. Amount Transferred Successfully Message will be displayed for Sent Bonus Confirmation. Bonus Sent Details will be displayed under E-Wallet.


Admin can simply & easily Send Bonuses from Admin Backoffice for all the Users of their choice. This can be done from Send Bonus Page by selecting UserName from the drop-down Menu & completing with the details like Bonus Amount, Memo, Wallet Option either Electronic or Cash, Memo & Submit to proceed with Sending or cancel to undo the action.

Username can be selected from the drop-down Menu by Admin. The username shown will be the one used by the User during the Registration Process under Username. Only those Username Menu will be available for the Admin to send Bonus.

Bonus Amount is the value of money intended for sending to the User as Bonus by Admin.

The wallet gives the type of wallet either cash or electronic which can be used by the Admin for sending bonus to the user from Admin Backoffice.

The memo is the place where the Admin can write down a Memo briefing the reason or purpose for sending bonus to the user.

Type is the kind for which the transaction been made under E-Wallet by the Admin for the User.  It is usually the Bonus as it is the money sent as a Bonus by Admin.

The description gives brief information about the reason or purpose of the bonus that has been sent by Admin to the User.

Transaction ID gives the ID created for that payment transaction under Send Bonus Details.

Bonus Date gives the date and time on which the bonus been sent to the user by Admin from Admin Backoffice.

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