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Replicated Website

PROMLM ICON has an ingenious approach with Mobile Optimized Customizable Replicated Website for strengthening the business growth. Replicated Websites are editable and Redesign-able ready-made Template Designs for your Business Requirements. This Page provides the customers with all the benefits they expected to have for an actual website. The feature includes Customizable Template Design, Webpage with E-Commerce, Customer Profile Creation, Wish List, Promotions, Related Items, Product Review, Customer Auto Ship Management, Online Enrolment, Unique Subdomain Link, Non – Session-based Tracking & much more including Join Now Page.


A “join now” page enables online enrolment directly from the User or representative’s website. Each Distributor provided with a unique sub-domain-based replicated website link. Referral URL can be copied and send it to friends for joining under the User/Distributor as Downline Distributor from User Backoffice.


Replicated Page Access can be available from My Referral URL along with the Referral URL & Banner Embedded Menus from User Backoffice. My Referral Links Menu can be accessed from Tool Icon on Top Right of the Header Content along with Menus of My Earnings, My Plan, Withdrawal Request, Fund Transfer & E-Wallet Management. Appropriate pages will be displayed for the user to utilize and eventually land on the Welcome Registration Page Straightaway enabling them to enroll into the Network.

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