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Recruit New User

Recruit New User leads to Recruit New User page where  User can Add/ Recruit New User by completing the form as it prompts with Details of Plan with Types from the Menu, Username, Email ID, Password, Retype Password, First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone Number,  Alternate Email ID, Zip Code, Country, City State and Submit to Save or Cancel to Undo the Action. You will be Credited as the Sponsor for the Added New User. After Payment made with the Gateway Option of your choice for the Selected Package & New User Recruitment done Successfully upon Admin approval.

The plan is the User Plan under which they have to be enrolled.

Plan Type is the Type of Plan that can be selected from the drop-down menu. Plan Type Menu will display the available in Organization set by Admin from Admin Backoffice.

Username will be the name given under username by the User during the Recruitment. Username can be filled in as per your choice. This can be reflected in the Genealogy, Reports & various aspects in procuring the pieces of information about that user.

Email & Alternate Email is the Email ID & extra or one more another email address provided for the user during Recruitment which can be used in contingency.

The sponsor shows the name of the sponsor under whom the User has to be enrolled in the Network. As you are recruiting the user, you will be credited as the sponsor.

First Name is the first name of the user given for this field during Recruitment.

Last Name is the last name of the user given for this field during Recruitment.

The address is the location detail provided for the new recruit user with Zip code, Country, City State & more if any which will be of use in completing the billing info during the merchandise.

Phone Number is the contact details given for the new recruit user for making any communications if required.

Password should be strong as advisable as per the Requirement like Not less than 8 or more than 20 Characters & At least with one Special Character, Capital Letter, Lowercase Letter, Number and Without any Spaces. Password for the new recruit user has to be set accordingly.

Payment Gateway Options have to be selected for the new recruit user package payment from the available drop-down menu based on the business requirement. If the package is free no need to make any choice whereas if it is paid package, make your payment choice.

Recruit New User has Successfully done from the user back office by the user once admin approval for the package payment made from Admin Backoffice.

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