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Quick Access

Quick Access or Short Cuts can easily & quickly be accessed and updated from Top Right Header from Admin Backoffice by Admin.

Quick Access Menu includes Admin Earnings, Console which is Site Settings, Configurations, newly added User/Member along with Shortcut Menu such as Accounting, Administration, Plans & Customer which Upon selecting provides respective information.


Accounting gives you the details of the Admin Earnings with Username, Earning Type, Transaction Id, Date, Description, Payment Status, Amount, Actions of Search, Reset, and View.

Username is the Name of the User giver in this field while enrolling into the Network.

Earning Type gives the Type for which the Earnings been made such as Purchase of Plan with Plan Name.

The date on which the Earnings been made for username.

The transaction ID is the number generated automatically for those earnings made under that username.

The description gives brief information about the earnings made.

Payment Status provides the current situation of the Payment either paid or pending.

The amount shows how much earnings been made such as upgrades on the premium members.

Search can be made using date chosen from the calendar, viewed, and can be Reset using appropriate Actions under Admin Earnings.

Copied, Printed, Exported in various formats like PDF, Excel, CSV if required.


Quick Access of Administration takes you to the Top Right Header Console which is the Site Settings from where you can Set up all the basic details of your Business like Company Name, Site Version, Logo, and More which we have discussed already.

Site Settings from where all basic details of your Organization can easily be updated from Top Right Header using Settings Icon by Admin from Admin Backoffice.

Site Setting Details like Company Name, Address, Site Name, Site Versions, Site Logo, Site URL, Footer Logo, Site Favicon, Site Meta Title, Site Meta Keywords, Site Meta Theme Color, Site Meta Description, Footer Content, Date, Time Format, Default Plan, Language, Dashboard Type, Subdomain, Login Content, Login Sub Content, User Profile Icon based on First & Last Name, Username, Email ID, HTTPS Status, Waiting List Status can be set & Submit once done for setting the Site.

Exclamatory Square Box Icon can be seen throughout the Admin Backoffice with many pieces of information or Instructions here and there which gives guidance to the Admin for using the Tools Efficiently.

Plan Configuration

Quick Access of Plan at Top Right Header leads to Configurations from where you can Set the Business Plan as per your requirement.

Configuration can be grouped into Plans, Bonus, Generation Bonus, Matching Bonus, Retail Bonus, Bonus Pool Configuration, Rank & Product Level Commission. Under Configuration, Admin can Configure the Admin Friendly Software covering various aspects according to their Business Structure.

New Customers

Quick Access of Customers leads you to the Distributor details from where you can see the Team Distributor information with their Name, Address, Email, Sponsor. Quick Access to find out the Newly Added Customer/ Distributor in your Organisation can be done with ease.

Distributor Details with their Sponsor, Email, First Name, Last Name, Address, Country, State, City, Phone Number, Plan, Rank, Date of Joining DOJ, Last Login-Date with Time, PV, GPV, Status & Account Status can be displayed. Use Action to Manage the Distributors by choosing the Appropriate Action Icons.

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