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Promote Social

Promote Social includes Resources, Banners, Youtube channel, Social Promotion, Text Promotion, Drive & Promote Social Group endorsed by Admin will be reflected for User.

Resources of Promote Social Contains Added Video & PDF Documents by Admin from Admin Backoffice.

Banners added from Admin will be shown under Banner.

Youtube Channel added under Admin will be shown here under Channel.

Promote Social Group comprises of Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Youtube Page, Twitter & Feeds, Instagram Page that are enabled in Admin will be reflected here.

Social Promotion includes the Social Media Group that are approved for your business & been made Active by Admin can be shown here.

Text Promotion includes SMS, WhatsApp will be for use in Distributor side that is only approved from Admin Backoffice.

The drive includes DropBox, Google Drive. One Drive by Admin that is endorsed will be available for the Distributor/User.

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