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Profile Overview

User Profile Overview will be shown in My Profile Page including over 10 User Information like Personal Info, Account Info, Change Password, Change Avatar, Transaction Password, Email Settings, Saved Credit Card, Tax Information, Statements & Address.

Personal Info shows the information of the Customer with the First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Contact Info, Phone Number selection based on the Country by using the drop-down menu, Email ID, Alternate Email ID & Company Site. Users can make changes and Update the Personal Info using Save Changes.

Account Information shows the User Account Details with Username, Email ID, Preferred Language, Communication via Email/SMS, Extra Security using Login Verification and Password Reset Verification. Once made Changes, Account Information will be updated Successfully.

Upon Selection of Extra Security for Verifications, User needs to confirm their Email or Phone Number while Resetting the Password either need to Provide the Personal Information or just the Login Verification based on the Option.

Change Password leads to the Detail where the User can change the Current Password and Set a New Password by Retyping and Submit to Save or Cancel to undo the Action.

Strong Password should contain at least one Capital Letter, one Special Character (! @ # $ % ^ & * (), +, etc.), one Numeral, and be of Minimum 8 Characters long, No Spaces should be there in between the Characters.

Transaction Password is the place where you can change the Current Transaction Password which is used for the Wallet Transactions by Setting up a New Transaction Password, Retype and Submit to Save or Cancel to Undo the Action. Without this Transaction Password, users won’t be able to make any money transactions.

Change Avatar is the place where user image or icon or avatar can be changed if required. Avatar is a handier for easy or quick access to a particular page as it available from All pages because of its intact nature. Once the Change Avatar been Updated Successfully the Message will be shown and New Avatar will be displayed afterward.

Change Avatar Selection lead to the Option where you can place your choice either by browsing your computer or from the wide range of preloaded 21 Avatars using choose Avatar. png, jpg, SVG are the allowed formats. It is very important to take an effort in choosing the right image as this will be shown in all Genealogy Representations and forms a significant identity for the User.

Email Settings will lead the User to the place where they can Set up Email Notifications with details like Send a copy to Personal Mail When to send an email when to escalate emails & will be updated using Save Changes or Cancel to undo the action.

Email Notifications have to be set on or off.

Send a copy to Personal Mail has to be set on or off. If it’s on, then it will enable the user to send a copy to his email of whatever he is sending.

When to send an Email shows 2 options and can be selected based on user preferences. 2 options are Send me a notification about my account activity & only send me required admin announcement emails.

When to escalate Emails provide the user to choose from 4 options. Options are All my activity, Activity on my downline register, Activity on my messages & Withdrawal. Based on user preference, options can be chosen and updated.

Saved Credit Card will provide the user to have the option of keeping or changing the credit card details under My Profile Overview. Users have to complete the credit card details with Name on the Card, Number on the Card & Valid through Dates & can be updated using Save Changes. Once done credit card details will be saved for future use to save time & can do the business transaction without any hassle.

Tax Information is the place where user information regarding Tax like Social Security Number (SSN), Employer Identification Number (EIN), 1099 Form & W8 Form Accepted has to be completed with the supporting documents by Browsing the Computer. File Format should be in PDF, Jpeg, Jpg, Png. Once done using Save Changes will update the Tax Information of the User.

The statement gives a detailed report of the Earnings achieved by the user in the Business Transactions.

My Earnings Details includes User Earnings with ID, Reference ID, Earning Reference, Type, Amount & Date.

Earnings ID is actually the number count given for each earnings.

Reference ID is the unique ID or Number of Reference for the Earnings.

Earning Reference is the Reference to how the Earnings has been made by the user in the Network like commissions, referrals & more. This will be more useful to find out by the user how they have earned the amount as it gives the detail of what is that amount or earnings for, level, Plan & referral name whom the earnings been based upon.

Earning Type is the Type of Earnings that have been available for the user in the Network with the details of commissions like direct commission, level commissions based on the organization.

The amount shows the earning value that the user has gained in the Network based on the earning type.

Search Option is also available. You can use Search to find out the Earnings achieved From & To Dates from the calendar provided. Use Reset if required.

Print/Copy/PDF/CSV/ Excel can be used to get the Earning Report if needed. Print, Copy, PDF, Excel & CSV can be done with the Earnings Detail for the Reference or can be downloaded & saved as a hard copy.

The address is a place where a person or organization may be communicated with asked to provide the particulars of the place where someone lives or an organization is situated.

Address Fields include User First Name, Last Name, Address 1, 2, City, State, Country, Zip Code, Phone Number & can be Updated using Save Changes after making necessary changes. Based on the Country selected from the menu, it will show the Menu for City, State and can be chosen with ease.

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