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Registration is very simple and easy process that begins once the User decided to join your Organization. Registration Package & Process can be personalized to meet individual Organization Plan & Requirements. User will be completing the details of the Registration Form accordingly. Selection of Name for the Replicated Site can be done from the Registration Form so that it will be displayed as per your choice on your Replicated Website.

Potential Member With or Without Referral Link who is trying to get into your Organization for the first time has to go through the Registration Process by completing the details in Registration Contents, Account Type either Distributor or Customer, Selection of Package, Paid Membership, Free Upgrades, Payment Method & more depending on the Registration Personalization & Plan Configuration done for your Business Organisation. Asterisk * Field means they are Mandatory and will proceed only after completing all the Required Fields.

Register Content Fields can be updated with more fields, Made Mandatory, Enable or Disable based on the Business Requirement that have been set by the Admin who manages your Organization or Website. Users can view them accordingly. For the User who choose the Account Type as Customer, their Register Content won’t have the Sponsor Field. Just they can register as Customers for getting access to your Website for doing purchase using your Website Shopping Cart.

Users Without Referral Links

Website Users who wants to Register as a member in your Organization while browsing your site , in those cases they won’t be having any Referral links, so for them Sponsor will be the one who have been Set as Default Sponsor from the Admin Backoffice Settings by Admin who manages your Organization Website.

Users With Referral Links

Website Users with Referral links will have the Prepopulated Sponsor for their Registration Process through whom they got into your Website. As it prompts Potential Members who wanted to join in your Organization have to fill in the Registration Form which entirely depends on your Business Plan and Package.


Strong Password should be advisable to be chosen as per the Requirement like Not less than 8 Characters & Not more then 20 Characters, At least one Special Character, One Capital Letter, One LowerCase Letter, One Number and Without any Spaces. If the Password not Strong enough will be Color Coded in Orange, Weak Password in Red, Green for Strong Password. If you want the Password to be shown just click on the Eye View Icon at the end of the field box. Once all the fields are completed as per the requirement and shown as green tick, then User will be ready to go further upon Continue.


Registration takes you through 3 Steps once completing the Registration Form with details like Username, First Name, Last Name, Email, Alternate Email, Password, Confirm by Retyping again & Picking a Name for the Replicated Site. User will be Registered and have to be login with the Credentials to become Active. Country Flag Icon at the Top Corner display the available 21 languages for you to choose with and can proceed with the Registration upon desired language. Choosing Continue will take you through each Step one by one.
Your/User Information, Pick your Package, Review & Complete are the 3 Steps in the Registration.

User Info

User Information Page is the Welcome Page where the User Details like Birthday, Address, Preferred Contact Number has to be completed. This is the first step in Registration.

User Representative Details like Sponsor, Phone, Email & Website are displayed under Your Representative for selection.

Change the Sponsor can be done upon choosing Not your Consultant Box which will display the available Sponsor Name that has to be selected for completing the sponsor change & can be Updated.

Pick Your Package

Pick Your Package Page is Step 2 which is entirely based on the Business Plan and Structure. User can Enrol into the Organisation with the Starter Package which may include the first month Backoffice Fee if it is a paid membership. Packages may vary with the Business and the Details can be viewed by Choosing View Details under Pick Your Package. Once Chosen the Package will Continue to the next Step.

Review & Complete

Review & Complete Page is the final or 3rd Step in Registration from where User has to review all the completed fields before actually going onto the Enrolment for ensuring the details are correct &. Complete the Registration as it Prompts with Package Update, Coupons, Payment Information & Terms and Conditions.

Update Package by clicking on Edit which shows the Package Details for making any changes if required
Coupons are like Special Codes that can be used in the Registration based on the Business Plan. Gift Code can be Validated using Apply.

Payment Information is the Place where Payment Method can be selected from the available option for Registration.

Terms and Conditions can be agreed by ticking the square box before completing the Registration. Make sure to read the terms and conditions that are available for that corresponding Organization as it may vary for individual Business.

Complete My Registration Selection will finish the User Enrolment into the Organization. User Welcomed with the message of Congratulation, & Successful Message to have the peace of mind in completing the Registration Process.

Forgot Password

If you forgot the Password for the User Login, New Password will be sent to the Email by just a click on Forgot the Password, fill in Email & Submit. This Action will Reset your Password and can update with New Password & can Login without any hassle. Also Choosing Sign Up will take the User to the Registration Process Again.

Admin Activation Process

Business or Admin Backoffice will display the Registered User Details under Team including Username in a Tabular Form. Upon manually activating the new enrolled username by choosing that particular registered username, Status Green User Activated Successful Message will be displayed as a confirmation for the Activation Approval Process. Registered Member access the Website anytime with Login Credentials. User Report can be viewed and exported from Admin Backoffice.

Status Color Display

If the Registration done by the User is not Successful, Red Error Message will be displayed. If the Registration Process is complete then Green Registration Successful Message will be displayed. Upon Admin Approval & Activation, Both type of Users Distributors & Customers, will be landing in the Dashboard of User Backoffice greeted with the Green Status Welcome Dashboard.

Admin Privilege

Admin can view the Newly added Member Details of Distributor in Team from Admin Backoffice. Selecting the Username will take the Admin to know that particular User Details in depth.

Email Notifications Set by Admin from the Admin Backoffice Settings, User will get the Notifications Email for every Process taking place within the Organisation like Registration, Welcome Message, Payment Successful, Gift Coupon Information and So on.
Auto Login to the User Dashboard from Admin Backoffice can be done by Choosing the AutoLogin Icon under Team Action Page.

User Login

Once Successful completion of Registration, User has to Login with the Login Credentials of Email & Password which enable them to be Active unless the Admin change the Status Otherwise based on the Business Structure. If you have an Account already with PROMLM ICON Site, then Sign in with the Login Credentials of Username & Password. Login Credentials enable the User to get into the User Backoffice Dashboard and to Access the Information at a glance, further in depth & can be logged out anytime.

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