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Party Plan Primacy

PROMLM ICON empowers you with an edge over your competitors with a unique Industry tool of Party Plan packed with Simple and Secure CLOUD based application to track your Network. With our party plan business module, companies can authorize their distributors who have signed up as a representative on their Direct Selling business to host in-home or online/virtual parties. The purpose of the party is to sell products directly to consumers, in a fun, social setting. Many representatives leverage social selling on Facebook Live, Instagram, and more.

Significant Features comprises of Unique Party URL for each Party until validation, Page builder to design your own party page, Referral Link, Hostess Rewards, E-invite with RSVP, Facebook, and Virtual Parties.

Party Plan Menu consists of Host Party, View Portal Party, Party Reports & Show Party Builder.

Host Party

User Hosts a Party to Sell their Products and also give their Guests the Opportunities to Host the Business Parties for their Service or Products. Hosts can invite their Friends, Family, and Acquaintances to their Hosted Party irrespective of their Geographical Limitations. This can be done easily without any hassle following 3 simple steps.

Host Party Form has to complete as it Prompts to Set up Host Party with Party Details,  Party Host & Party Time.

Party Details has to be completed with Party Name & Party Image by Browsing & Choosing from the File. Once finished will take to the Next Step by Selecting Next. Allowed file format (png, jpg)

Party Host has to be chosen from the 3 options such as Choose an Existing host, I am the host, or Create a New Host & Go to next Final Step using Next or can go Back for any new Updates.

Party Time has to be completed with Date & Time from the Calendar provided using the Icon, Enter the Address where this party will be held by choosing from the 3 options such as Use the Hosts Address, Use the Owner Address or Create a New Address, Set the Published either as Yes or No & Submit to set the Host Party or Cancel to undo the Actions.

Once Completing all the 3 Steps under Host Party & Submit will display the Message to Confirm. Just need to click on Ok to Confirm the Host Party Details and will be done Successfully. You can View this under Show Party Builder with Details that you have Set under Host Party along with the Tools under Action which can be used respectively.

View Portal Party

View Portal Party enables the user to view the Portal for each Party that has been Setup from the Admin Backoffice by the Admin and can also see the Admin Promotional Banners for its own Party.

Step 1. Select a Party to View Party ID from the drop-down menu. Based on the Party ID, it will show the Banner that has been set up along with the Referral link which will take you to the Referral Page Respectively. Using this can be used to refer more friends to invite to the party.

Step 2. Host Party can be done using Schedule a Party which leads to the Host Party Page from where you are prompt to complete the necessary details for Hosting a Party.

Added Guests and Manage E-Vites

Guests or Users can be added using Add User or Invite User using the appropriate Options with the Username from the Menu being selected and Submit to show those Username details.

Added guests can be viewed with their Name, Email & Phone Number.

Step 3. Processed Orders can be shown here with the Guest Name, SKU Records, Count, Pre Tax, Post Tax. Enter Orders now will lead you to the Product Order & its details.

Step 4. Discount Code can be completed here.

Step 5. Close the Party is the final step. When all Steps have been Completed, you must close the Party. Once it is closed, it will not be possible to make changes to a Party. After Confirming with the Pop-in Message, Close the Party will be Successfully done.

After Close the Party has done in View Portal, it will then take you to the Reports with Party Plan Details of SKU Records, First & Last Name, Date, PV, Pre and Post Tax for the Processed Orders of the Guests.

Party Reports

You can View the Party Reports with details like Party ID, Party Coupon, Customer Name, Date & Status either Active or Closed. Default Features like Search also available.

Party ID is the ID generated for that particular Party for the User.

Party Coupon shows the coupon details of that party for the user.

Customer Name gives the Name of the member who has been invited to the party by the user.

The date on which the party will be hosted will be shown.

Status gives the current condition of the party as Active or Closed.

Show Party Portal

Added Host Party Details can be viewed from Show Party Builder with  Party ID, Party Name, Close Date, Status either Active or Closed, Published & Action Tools. Clicking on Host Party will take you to the page from where you can add the Host Party once again. Action Tools enable you to do the actions for that corresponding Party Details Respectively.

Action Tools

Build Blue Icon is the Build Page from where you build the Party Page with the available Tools & Features. Just hover in the cursor it will show the details which enable you with the Build Page.

Yellow Preview Page Icon will lead you to View the Build Page and if needed to change anything then go again to Build Page and proceed further with changes.

Edit Black Icon will take you to the Edit Party Plan from where you can Edit the Party Plan Details like Choosing the Party Name from the Available Options, Party Image, Party Time, Host, Address, Published either Yes or No & Submit to proceed with Changes or Cancel to stay as such.

Red Delete Page Icon will enable you to delete the Party Page which you don’t want to be Viewed or Closed upon Confirmation.


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