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Party Plan Design

PROMLM ICON empower you with an edge over your competitors with unique Industry tool of Party Plan where companies can authorize their distributors who have signed up as a representative on their Direct Selling business to host in-home or online/virtual parties.

Party Compensation Plan is a fresh approach implemented by MLM companies for advertising or marketing of products by organizing social events like a home based party, get-together or any function. During this occasion, the products will be presented for sale. Representatives will be paid a percentage sales they generate through these events.

Party Plan is more favorable for introducing new innovative products & features to educate customers in a fun social way. Usually, the new products would be offered at introductory prices much lower than the actual price. Many representatives leverage social selling on Facebook Live, Instagram, and more. This Plan proves to be more effective and economical than products endorsed by celebrities. Opportunities to build brand reputation and attract new representatives for the companies.

PROMLM ICON Party Plan Features comprises of Unique Party URL for each Party until validation, Reward Plan, Party Templates, Page builder to design your own party page, Referral Link, Hostess Rewards, E-invite with RSVP, Facebook and Virtual Parties. Admin can configure or design the Party Plan for the User or Distributor from Admin Backoffice so that it will be reflected on the Distributor End.

Party Plan Title can be accessed from Admin Backoffice for the Admin to configure for the distributor usage in accordance with the business plan & can be seen in Header Central Content.

Party Plan Menu consists of Party Reward Plan, Show Party Builder, User Party Template, Host Party, View Portal Party & Party Report.

Party Reward Plan

Party Reward Plan is the place where the Admin can set the reward for hosting the party, giving credits and so on based on the business need.

Add Reward Plan & Action of Edit or Delete along with standard features like Search, Display entries, <> are also available.

Party Reward Plan can be set with the details of Reward Reached Amount, Credit Towards Hostess Order & Hostess Exclusive Reward.

Add Party Reward Plan can be done straight forward from Admin. Using Add from Party Reward Plan Page, it will display the form to be completed, and Submit will do the adding of rewards for the party plan from the Admin Backoffice for the Distributors to be used from their Side.

Party Reward Plan Details like Party Total Sales before Tax & Shipping, Credit towards Hostess Order in %, Hostess Exclusive Reward, Gift Order Count Capping, Gift Product SKU from Select Menu have to be completed before Submit based on the company structure.

Party Total Sales before Tax & Shipping is the forecast sales amount of the product that are to be introduced into the Party.

Credit towards Hostess Order in % is the Credit or reward or appreciation for the product sold in the party. Amount in percentage.

Hostess Exclusive Reward is the field where the exclusive reward can be added if the organization would like to offer for the hostess. This can be deleted or added using their respective Delete and Add Icons. Click on Cancel if not happy with the Reward Plan Set for the Party.

Gift Order Count Capping can be done by the Admin so that distributor won’t be able to use the gift order more than the count cap. Based on the demand for the product or sales, Admin can set accordingly.

Show Party Builder

Show Party Builder is the section where Admin can host the party by Host Party Selection. Alternatively using the Host Party Menu from the Party Plan Title of the Central Header Content also it can be done easily.

Also can see the details of the Parties Hosted or been Scheduled by the users or distributors from Admin Backoffice.

Once Party to Host been scheduled, it will be displayed under show party builder page with details of Party ID, Party Name, Close Date, Status, Published On Date & Action which can be used for Party Build Page along with standard features.

Party ID is the number generated automatically for the host party.

Party Name is the name give for that particular party been hosted.

Close Date is the date assigned to host the party.

Status will show if that scheduled party hosted is active or suspend. If it shows suspend then it won’t be reflected on the distributor side.

Published  say yes or no for the corresponding Party Hosted.

Show Party Builder Action display the Action Tools that aids in building the show party that has been scheduled besides that Action.

Action Tool Icons can be seen under Action for the corresponding Host Party & will be displayed under Show Party Builder once been set up.

Edit Blue Action will take you to the Edit Party Plan from where you can make changes and Submit to proceed with amendments.

Build Black Icon will lead you to the Build Page from where you can choose the available Features, Elements, Tools & Properties for building the Party Page which is a Significant feature.

Reopen Green Icon will prompt you with the message for confirmation. Upon Confirmation it will reopen the chosen party again for the Use.

Preview Yellow Action will lead you to the Page which shows the preview of the Party Builder Page for further any changes to make or fine to continue with the Build Page.

Delete Red Action will wipe out that selected party page that has been built after Confirmation. Once Delete Ok Message received will display the message as Party Set up has been deleted. Then have to Restart from the scratch again to Build Party Page.

Host Party

Host Party Page can be reached either from the Central Header Content Menu Party Plan or from Show Party Builder Page.

User Hosts a Party to Sell their Products and also give their Guests the Opportunities to Host the Business Parties for their Service or Products. Hosts can invite their Friends, Family, and Acquaintances to their Hosted Party irrespective of their Geographical Limitations.

Right Corner Host Party from Show Party Builder or Selecting the Host Party from Party Plan Menu will lead to the Host Party page from where all steps are completed with the details as per requirement & Submit. Host Party OK will be shown Once the Form been successfully completed and will be displayed under Show Party Builder Page.

Schedule Host Party can be done easily without any hassle following by completing the Details under 4 Steps like Party Details, Party Host Discount, Party Host. & Party Time.

Party Details – Complete the Details with Party Name and Image which can be uploaded from the Computer or Drag Files in the Space provided for the Image & Next to go with Step 2. Allowed file format (png , jpg).

Party Host Discount Details like Discount Code, Discount Description, Discount % & Discount Method has to be filled in and use Next to move on to Step 3 or Back to go back to Step 1 for making any changes. Discount Code will be repopulated and the Discount % & Method can be chosen from the Drop down Menu.  This can then be shown for the user.

Party Host has to be Selected here out of 3 Options like Choose an Existing host, I am the host, Create a new host. Click Next to move on to Step 4 or Back to go back to Step 2 or 1 for making any changes.

Party Time for the Host Party has to be Selected from the available Calendar along with the Published either Yes or No & Click on Submit to proceed with Scheduling the Host Party.

Distributor Party Templates

Admin can choose the. Party Templates that has to be reflected on the Distributor side from the available 31 Party Templates. Just browse around the Templates, after deciding the Templates to be chosen, make Template selection & submit. Once done from Admin Backoffice by the Admin based on the Business Theme or Requirements, it will then be made available for the use of the Distributors from their end.

View Portal Party

View Portal Party will guide you to Setup Portal for Each Party and Publish Promotional Banners for your Own Party from Admin Backoffice.

Select a Party to View Party ID from the Drop Down Menu.

Based on the Party ID, it will show the Banner that has been set up along with the Referral link which leads to the Referral Page Respectively & can be used to refer more friends to invite for the party.

Host Party by Clicking on Schedule a Party which leads to the Host Party Page from where you are prompt to complete the necessary details for Hosting a Party.

Processed Orders will be seen & can Enter the Party Orders into a Batch. Processed Orders can be shown here with the Guest Name, SKU Records, Count, Pre Tax, Post Tax. Enter Orders now will lead you to the Product Order & its details.

Close the Party when all the other Steps been completed. By Clicking on this no further changes can be done. Once it is closed, it will not be possible to make changes to a Party. After Confirming with the Pop in Message, Close the Party will be Successfully done.

Close the Party done in View Portal, then will lead to Party Plan Reports.

Party Reports

Party Reports shows the Report Details of the Party ID, Party Coupon, Customer Name, Date, Action  either Active or Closed along with the default features like Search.

Party ID is the ID generated for that particular Party for the User.

Party Coupon shows the coupon details of that party for the user.

Customer Name gives the Name of the member who have been invited for the party by the user.

Date on which the party will be hosted will be shown.

Status gives the current condition of the party as Active or Closed.

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