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Notification is a message, or symbol on your backoffice telling you that someone has sent you a message or put something new for you to look at on in detail. The thought of logging back on and sifting through a huge number of Notifications will be tiring.

New Notifications will display under corresponding Top Right HeaderIcon &  individual messages or informations in detail can be viewed with the details of what the message is, when it received, who sent the message and so on.

PROMLM ICON Edition provide the User with options to set this notifications when and how to be notified according to their preferences along with language choice.

Choose when and how to be notified gives the User to select push and email notifications they like to receive. Just need to select from the given options of send me notifications about my account activity & only send me required admin announcement emails. Based on that it will be set for the user and be available.

Desktop Notifications for the available browser can be turned on. If user don’t want to receive any email or push notifications in their desktop, it can be turned off & no further Desktop Notifications will be received.

Customize Notifications via Email, SMS, Push & All three can be done. If Desktop Notifications turned on, User can customize how want to receive their notifications from the available options of Email, SMS, Push or All. In addition to the above, other notifications also can be done.

Notify me via Email allow the user to receive notification only by Email.

Notify me via SMS allow the user to receive notification only by SMS.

Notify me via Push allow the user to get only Push notification.

Notify me via All allow the user to receive notifications by all 3.

Other Notifications like All Activity, Downline Register,  Withdraw, Message can be set along with other notification set up been made so far.

Notify All My Activity allow user to receive notifications for all their activities.

Notify Activity on My Downline Register allow user to receive notifications of their Downline Register Activities.

Notify Activity on My Message allow user to receive notifications of their  Message Activity.

Notify Activity on My Withdraw allow user to receive notifications of  their withdrawal activities.

Language Preference for Email from the available 21 Options can be selected which enables the User to receive the Email in their chosen language.

Set the Notifications Choices that has been made by submitting  which in turn can be reflected accordingly to the User. Make sure to submit once all necessary notifications been selected according to user choice. Notification will be set and reflected only then for the User.

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