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Newsletter is a regularly distributed publication sent to its members, customers, employees or other subscribers generally about one main topic that is of their interest as a printed or electronic report with news concerning the activities of a business or an organization. Newsletter is controlled by the sender. Newsletters can be considered as a grey literature as it can educate readers about new products, highlight employees, share successes and announce upcoming events or promotions can be considered as a grey literature as well.

Newsletter Benefits are enormous and PROMLM ICON Edition provides the User to utilise it more efficiently to boost the sales, increase website traffic, increase referrals, providing business exposure, enhancing public relation, stabilising your marketing endeavours & eventually building a strong relationship and trust with the members or distributors.

Newsletter Tool is a powerful tool that allows the User from User Backoffice to Create News Lists, Newsletter Templates & Send Newsletter successfully by choosing the Newsletter Menu from the Bell Icon of the Top Right Header Content.

News List

Newsletter List will display the Added News List with Name, Status & Action Tools. News List can be added upon Add News List Selection from Newsletter List Page.

News List are the List of people to whom the User will be Sending the Newsletter. Manage your Existing News Lists or Create a New one by choosing Add List.

Name is the Name of the User to whom the Newsletter need to be sent.

Status can be set as either Active or Inactive based on the need. If intend to send the newsletter later it is better to set as inactive at that time while creating news lists and make it active later before sending.

Upon Submit the added list name with status, it will be reflected in the Newsletter List Page along with the Tools under Action which can be used further respectively. Successful added Message also will be shown once done.

Newslist Action Tools

Different colored Tool Icon perform action accordingly from Newslist Action.  Add subscriber can be done from Blue Icon, View Subscriber from Black, Edit NewsList from Green & Delete from Red Icon.

Add Subscriber can be done in 2 ways.

One by choosing the Added NewsList where you want to add subscribers, completing with the details as it prompts from Blue Icon under Action and Submit.

Add Subscriber Details with Name, Email  one by one with the selection of + Black or – Red to Delete & Submit to Add the Subscribers or Cancel to undo the Action.

Alternate Way of Adding Subscriber is from View Subscriber Page upon selection of Green box Add Subscriber and Proceed further as it prompts with the Add Subscriber Details with Name, Email using + or – to delete or cancel to undo the action entire action.

View Subscriber is possible with the corresponding action tool. Once the Subscriber been added under Add subscriber it can be viewed here.

View Subscriber Details with  Name, Email ID, Status & Edit & ChangeSubscription Status Action will be displayed.

Status will be as subscribe and Edit Icon from where the added subscriber details can be edited .

Change Subscription Status Red icon can be edited based on Privileges Set by Admin. Upon Confirmation it can be changed for that subscriber.

Import Subscribers can be done by choosing the Purple box from View Subscriber. You will land on Import Subscribers page from where you can browse and upload the Subscriber file for import & Submit to Import the Subscribers or Cancel to undo the action. Allowed file format is XLS.

Delete Subscriber is the place where Subscriber can be deleted from View Subscriber page by choosing the red box of Delete Subscriber button & Upon confirming for the pop up message.

Newsletter Template

Newsletter Template Page allows you to edit an existing Template or Add a New one by clicking Add Template with Name, Status either active or inactive & Tools under Action for the Added Newsletter Template for Sending Newsletter.  Successful Added Newsletter Template will be displayed.

Template Action Tools

There are 4 Actions carried out under Action of Newsletter Template. They are Blue Icon  for Edit, Black Icon for Build Page, Green Icon for Preview the Newsletter Template & Red Icon for Delete or  undo the Actions.

Edit Newsletter Template can be done using Edit Action with the necessary changes to make with the name, status either active or inactive and submit to update or cancel the action.

Build Page takes you to the page where you can actually build your own Newsletter Template for Sending the Newsletter by using all the available Features.

Build Page Features available are Edit Background, Body, Elements & Property.

Edit Background enables to make changes to the newsletter background or to add the background.

Body is where the main aspect of the newsletter can be built upon.

Property of the Newsletter like Title, Divider, Text, Image, Button, Image/Text, Social Links can be added after your preference .

Elements of the Newsletter can be selected based on the individual choice for the Template by drag to the body and completing the details as it prompts.  Preview once done & Save or Close.

Preview Template can be done before actually sending the newsletter and Once after the Newsletter Template been built using the Green Preview Icon. if all seems to be fine then go ahead & Save the Newsletter Template. If don’t like it then use the Red Delete Icon to delete it.

Newsletter Template can be easily built using Build Page Tool with all the professional feel and look. Newsletter Template can be used to send Newsletter.

Send Newsletter

Noteworthy information/ Events can be sent to the Users through Newsletter using send newsletter by completing the details of Newsletter Name, From Name, From Email, Reply to, Subject, Template Selection , Group based on the Added News List and Press Submit to Send Newsletter or Cancel to undo the Action.

Newsletter Name  is the Name given to that Particular Newsletter that are about to send to the users. Name can be based on the subject content or any attractive title.

From Name is the Name of the user from whom the newsletter is being sent.

From Email is Email Address from whom the newsletter is being sent.

Reply to is  the user for whom the newsletter is being sent.

Subject is the content title of the newsletter that is being sent.

Template of the newsletter can be chosen from the available drop down menu based on the Templates added earlier in Template Page.

Group is based on the Added News List that has to be completed.

Submit to Send Newsletter.

Cancel to undo the Action.

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