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Multi-level marketing (MLM) also called Network Marketing is a business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business comprising of network of business partners or salespeople to assist with lead generation and closing sales. In this sales strategy the products or services are sold directly to consumers without going through intermediary retail stores. Multilevel Marketing Business nature where payouts occur at more than one level will ask participants to recruit other sales representatives for exponential growth & success.

Genealogies are the backbone of every Party Plan and MLM compensation plan. Where it provides a current and historical record of all the members included in each representative’s team. A companies genealogy is directly related to their compensation plan.

Genealogy tree is basically a feature that allows the whole system to be available in the tree-like structure that keeps rolling the whole business under various branches through member information. If a user joins the network, he or she then sponsor new member into the network, User Genealogy includes details of Parent user, Sponsor, Direct downlines, Referral downlines, Rank of the member & more.

Graphical Views of representation include these genealogy details displaying pop up on the screen with just a cursor movement expanding  the whole member line-up & assisting the members to comprehend the working profile of the members & thereby accelerate working efforts.  Stronger the Genealogy Tree, higher the Revenue generated Continuously.

PROMLM ICON Enhanced Genealogy Tree is bundled with Graphical Views, Graphical View Templates, Tabular View, Classic View, Member Up – line, Down- line, Rank View, JSON based real-time genealogy, More than 7 genealogy themes, Genealogy Search, Synopsis Birds eye view ,   Collapsable genealogy & many more. Network Genealogy based on your Business Plan enable to visualise the Members Position in different views like Tabular, Downline Count, Member Upline, Graphical, Rank and more.

Network View Features

Full Screen Mode While Viewing the Members in the Network, If you click the Right Corner Green Circle can go to Full Screen Mode.

Avatar of the Member – If you hover near the small dots of the View/ Inside the box, it will show you the Avatar of the Member & their Details.

Search Option is available to view the Network Member with ease.

Expand or Collapse – Clicking on + will expand & – will collapse.

View – Clicking … three dots next to the user name shows View which takes you to that User page directly for further looking in detail.

Scroll Bar – Using Scroll Bar at Side is also very handy feature for moving around the network view.

Graphical View Plan Based – Rectangular Box with the Username have + / _ , upon clicking – it will collapse & + will Expand the Graphical view based on your plan. If it is binary plan it will show in binary form, for Unilevel plan in Unilevel form, so on respectively.

User Details – Upon Clicking the Image or anywhere within the Box shows the details of that particular user or distributor with Name, Title, Description – Sponsor, Phone, Email , Rank, Image, Left Member Count, Right Member Count, Member ID & Downline Count.

Go Back – To go back to the Graphical form from the user description info just Click on the Arrow at the Right side.

User Image – user can upload the image or Avatar of their choice from user backoffice profile setting which will be displayed in the genealogy image itself which is very helpful for the Admin to know the complete picture of the members in that particular Network. Use the Scroll Bar to View the Details.

Network Module featured at the Header Central Content of PROMLM ICON Admin Backoffice. This Provides Genealogy of the Network to Visualise the Members Position in different views. They are classified into Graphical View, Classic View, Tabular View, Collapse View, Rank View & Downline Count View based on your Business Plan.

Graphical View

Genealogy Viewing of Members in the Network are more helpful to  Visualise the Members Position based on the Business Plan and Package of the Network.

Graphical View Plan can be of Unilevel, Binary, Linear, Forced, Cycle or Australian X-Up Plan. Select the Plan which you want to view from the drop down Menu.

Search Option is available and can be of very handy at times.

Graphical View Templates can be chosen as per your Preference.

Activate Graphical View Templates and will be shown as Green Circle Icon from White Circle Icon upon confirmation or cancel if needed.

User Graphical View Templates  can then be available after successful update from Admin Backoffice. Using Scroll Bar at Sides you can move up and down for a better View.

Graphical View Templates Menu will be displayed. Luba, Olivia, Derek, Diva, Mila, Polina, Mery, Rony, Belinda, Ula & Ana are the 11 available Templates under Graphical View. Choosing any one using Drop Down Menu of your preference and upon Activation can be seen in User Side.

Classic View

Classic View is one of the Network/ Genealogy Viewing Mode based on the Plan, So it varies for Business. If its Binary, it will display in the Classic View as Left, Right & Top Tree, Clicking on them will display the Corresponding Members Respectively. Network Viewing Features can be Seen & Used Appropriately with their Actions.

Tabular View

Tabular View or Tree Genealogy is basically a feature that allows the whole system to be available in the Tree like Structure with most of the information included. With just a Cursor movement Dot – Expand and Collapse, the whole member line-up can be displayed. Member Details let the Admin to understand the working Profile of the Members and thereby accelerate the working efforts.

Collapse View

Collapse View helps to view the Members in the Network at a Glance by either Collapsing or Expanding unshaded/shaded circle. Using Scroll Bar at the Side , you can move up and down according to our convenience to viewing in the Collapse Form.

Rank View

Rank View helps to View the Members in the Network based on Ranks. + or – can be used to Expand or Collapse to View Rank Genealogy. Polina Graphical Template View is chosen for Rank Genealogy and can use Search for finding any Members in the Network. Based on the template chosen from Admin Backoffice, templates reflect for the user may vary.

Downline Count View

Downline Count View Gives the Member in Downline View which makes it easy for the Admin to find out the areas which require more work required to build the success of the Business at a glance. Based on that, Enrolling the New member into desired spot is very helpful for the Network Growth aswell. Polina Template View is chosen and can Use Search for any Downline Count Members. Based on the template chosen from Admin Backoffice, templates reflect for the user may vary. Use + for Expand or – for Collapse to View the Downline Count Members with ease.

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