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My Shop Account

My Shop Account will take you to the Word Press My Shop Account Login. After Login with Proper Login Credentials using Username or Email Address & Password will lead you to the User Backoffice My Shop Account Page.

The shop is the Place where the User can Navigate around the Products that have been placed from Admin based on the Business Model & can do their Shopping or continue your Shopping from the User Backoffice or BackEnd in addition to the Website FrontEnd once successful login to the Shop.

Shop Title contains the Cart, Checkout, My Account, Business Page, Shop & Search.

Business Page is the Page related to the Business based on individual  Business Structure. So this will be according to the requirement of the Organization.

Wish lists are the List Containing Collections of desired Products saved by the Users/Distributors in their User Account, interested but without immediate intent to purchase the Items. Reduce the User’s time in search their Items that they have interested in earlier instead of adding to the Wish List for time being once and when come across the desired product & make decisions later.  Once the Wish list moved to the Cart then it can be available in the basket or cart and a number of items displayed in the Top Header beside the cart Icon, so that Users can have an idea of Shopping Cart Items & proceed with Check Out without any hassle.

Cart Title will take you to the Cart page which shows the details of the Product that you have placed in the Cart. It also displays the product count which is placed in the cart but not yet checked out. This will save time for the user to buy the product.

CheckOut is the Process that the Users/Distributors have to go through when checking Out the Products in the Cart towards billing and make payment once adding to the shopping cart is completed.

Viewing the Cart is done when the User wanted to see or check the added products in the Shopping Cart to have a final decision before going through the Purchase Process. If any repetitive items or more expensive items that can be purchased later or any mistakenly added items or any items that have been added by errors can be checked for and take necessary actions to proceed with.

Check Out Form is the place where the Users been provided with the form in which they are supposed to fill in the details as it prompts and complete the check out process. This can be done once Users are ready to Order their Products with Payment after Viewing their Cart and made the final decision.

Order Completion is where the users complete the Order Process with the Payment after completing the Check-Out Form with Name, Shipping & Billing Address, Payment Mode, Availing Gift Code or Discount Coupon or E – Pin based on the privileges available to the User by Admin corresponding to that Network. Order can be made once satisfied with all the Personal Details, Order Detail, Payment Details & anything else that has been included for the user.

Order Notifications can be made available for the User as Order Email Notification with the details of the Purchased Order if the Admin has set up the Order Notifications from the Admin Backoffice. Meanwhile, once the order is completed successfully, the User can end up with the Order ID, Item Description, Details, Price, Delivery Details, Date, and more information displayed once the Product Order is finished, so that the user can also make a copy of it using screenshots for their personal reference which may be handy at times.

My Account Details like Recent Orders, Manage your Shipping, Billing Addresses, Edit your Password, Payment Details & More can be viewed.  Users can make any updates to their Account Details like shipping, billing addresses & passwords at their convenience & preferences.

Recent Orders are the complete details of all the Orders that are recently purchased by the user.

Search Option can be used anytime to check the Products that you are looking for, Category, Title, and more.

Payment Details can be changed if any Payment Cards are about to Expire or for any reason and can be updated anytime from Account Details without any stress.

Manage Addresses for both shipping and billing is possible here.

A billing address is an address associated with a Users Card account that details where to send billing information & it should match that on record address of the respective bank/credit card company for authorizing the Transactions. User Billing Address field has to be completed for the successful Payment.


Shipping Address refers to the address where you wish to get your items delivered. Billing & Shipping Address can be the same or different.

If Shipping Address is the same as Billing, choose the appropriate options while placing the order which will  populate the Shipping Address Field same as Billing Address thereby saving time.


Password can be changed from Account Details Menu by retyping the new password, confirm & submit which can be updated successfully.

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