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My Referral Links

Referral link also known as an affiliate one, is a type of URL (Uniform Resource Link) used in the referral marketing campaigns to promote their brand or products or web content. Referral links are assigned to every customer as a fuel of a rewards program after they sign up for a referral program. It contains the affiliate ID which is unique for each individual & allow businesses to see exactly which customers have referred others to their site which in turn leads successfully come in from those shares to the Organization.

Referral Links Sharing with their friends can be easily done from User Backoffice by just copy, paste and send through emails or any other social media platform for getting the leads to click the Referral Links. Thereby providing the organization a seamless and transparent way to refer.

Once clicking the referrer link, will also see where the traffic (visitors ) landed thereby it provides a way of tracking the activity in your referral program on the web. When it comes to website statistics and referring websites, Domains redirect traffic (visitors) to your website. User will be taken directly to the Registration Process where the sponsor name will be automatically prepopulated. Usually sponsor will be the person who send the referral links or from whom the referral links been received.

Without Referral Link, customer or user won’t be able to share with their friends & not possible to have direct connection with their referrals or no way of tracking the activity.

My Referral Links Menu can be available from Tool Icon on Top Right of the Header Content along with Menus of My Earnings, My Plan, Withdrawal Request, Fund Transfer & E – Wallet Management.

My Referral Links User have to Select the Active Plan & Referral URL from the Drop Down Menu reflecting the Settings done by the Admin based on the Business Plan will be shown & Simply Join Now enable the user to recruit the user under them from User Backoffice.

Referral URL Menu from the drop down action can be of Referral URL, Banner Embedded & Replicated Page. Appropriate pages will be displayed for the user to utilise and eventually land on the Welcome Registration Page Straightaway enabling to enrol into the Network.

Referral Link with Social Media Access is available for the user and can utilise it to have direct access to the social media groups with their login credentials. Referral Link with Direct Access to Social Media Groups available feature is vital nowadays for the effective Referral Program.

If you already have Account with Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp , Upon clicking that Icon will directly take you to the login Page. With your login Account can have Access to it accordingly.

Referral Link with Email Access can be copied directly & sent to the User by email if proper Mail icon chosen.

Welcome Registration Page can be lead upon choosing URL, Plan & Join Now from My Referral Links. This page will successfully take the user through the Registration Process.

Joining the Network for the User made easy and quick by using JOIN NOW upon selecting the desired network plan & package. Network can be widely spread & growth can be achieved very swiftly.

Very simple and easy to Join the Matrix and Upgrade the Membership from the User Backoffice.


Plan Information detail the Information of the Plan for which the User have been Enrolled into the Network.


Package Upgrade can be done by simply selecting the desired package to upgrade based on the Business Plan from User Backoffice by Choosing Auto Subscription and make the Payment using the Options available. Similar to the Registration process, User have to fill in the Payment details if its a paid membership type. Admin has to approve the Payment till then it will be shown as Pending & Eventually will be Upgraded successfully Upon Submit with Green Upgrade Successful Status. Membership Status will be changed to paid from Pending after admin approval.

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