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My Earnings

Earnings are the money obtained by the User in return for labor or services in the Organization. Earnings and the Circumstances relating to them can indicate whether it will be profitable and successful in the long run so it plays a vital role as a determinant.

My Earnings Menu can be available from Tool Icon on Top Right of the Header Content along with Menus of My Plan, My Referral Links, Withdrawal Request, Fund Transfer & E-Wallet Management. Complete Earnings of the User in the Network can be viewed straightforward under My Earnings Menu.

My Earnings Details provide the complete picture of user Earnings with ID, Reference ID, Earning Reference, Type, Amount & Date.

Earnings ID is actually the number count given for each earnings.

Reference ID is the unique ID or Number of Reference for the Earnings.

Search Option is also available. You can use Search to find out the Earnings achieved From & To Dates from the calendar provided. Use Reset if required.

Earning Reference is the Reference to how the Earnings has been made by the user in the Network like commissions, referrals & more. This will be more useful to find out by the user how they have earned the amount as it gives the detail of what is that amount of earnings for, level, Plan & referral name whom the earnings been based upon.

Earning Type is the Type of Earnings that have been available for the user in the Network. This gives the details of commissions like direct commission, level commissions based on the organization.

The amount shows the earning value that the user has gained in the Network based on the earning type.

Date & Time shows the date and time on which earnings made by the user has happened of completed in the Network.

Earning Report can be generated in the formats of PDF, CSV, Excel & can also be Printed or Copied using Print & Copy respectively.

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