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MLM Plans

PROMLM Software offers a number of MLM compensation plans for both Direct Selling and Network Marketing companies including Hybrid & Customized MLM plans based on individual business requirements. The plan gives you Quick Access to Configurations from where you can Set the Matrix Plan for Admin Friendly Software as per your Business Requirement.  You always have the ability to edit or adjust your commissions quickly and easily. Ranks are a perfect way to recognize the performance and motivate the network. The corporate administrator can set-up dynamic rank criteria to satisfy their business need. The iCON CLOUD Platform is a niche feature-rich, Elastic, exclusively designed with a Meticulous Plan Configuration System.

Plan Configuration Features consists of Add & Edit Registration Packages, Product Level Commission, Setting Conditions, Admin Approval Options, Rank & Achievement Settings, Entry Criteria Settings, Free Entry, One Time Payment, Free Entry & Upgrade, Add Plan Configuration, Set Configuration, Membership Type, Plan Scaling, Commission Settings, Set Level Commission & Set Joining Commission.  Increased efficiency with a defined configuration process provides control & improves visibility with tracking.

Configuration Menu consists of Plans, Bonus, Generation Bonus, Matching Bonus, Retail Bonus, Bonus Pool Configuration, Rank & Product Level Commission. These Menus can be available from the Configuration Title of the Central Header Content from Admin Backoffice.

Comprehensive MLM Plans include Unilevel Plan, Party Plan, Australian X-Up Plan, Binary Plan, Board Matrix Plan, Hybrid Plan, Forced Matrix Plan, Cycle Matrix Plan, Linear or Mono-Line Plan & Stair-Step Break Away Plan. Admin can Set the Compensation Plans from Plan Menu by following simple and easy steps.


Following are the brief details of some of our MLM Plans that are available with PROMLM ICON. As per the Users’ need, any plans or hybrid plans can be configured and integrated with the Software seamlessly.


This is commonly known as Generation Plan. Unilevel supports single line Distributors so that everyone under you is Frontline & can sponsor unlimited distributors & width but Compensation distributed up to the limited depth. Commission Rates will be set based on the number of people added as the Front Line Distributors & all get the same. By encouraging frontline people to add more people on their frontline, commission can be increased.


Forced Matrix Plan is a Pyramid Structure also known as Ladder Plan which comes with the fixed number of distributors as width(row) & depth(column) for the sponsor and are compensated when they achieve a Set Level that has been fixed.


Binary Plan is the most popular in the industry and widely accepted in the world. In this Plan, every member is allowed to Sponsor only 2 Front Line Member & for more than two members, the excess is placed at levels below the sponsoring member’s frontline (downline).


Monoline also known as Linear or Straight line Plans are structured as a downward thread of members or distributors, one under the other, growing continually as new member join. Most common, would be the display of Monoline Genealogy with coded bonuses, rank based infinity overrides, personally sponsored matching bonuses and global bonus pool distribution methods.


Australian X-Up also known as ‘purification’ or ‘Improved’ Uni-level MLM Plan, it can differ by 2 UP, 3 UP or X- UP Plans. It’s like an on going process and the sales commission is limited sometimes.


Cycle Matrix also known as Revolving Matrix Plan is the combination of Forced Matrix and Performance for a limited number of members. Member enters to first matrix will need to perform & complete his matrix & move up to next cycle. Once You Completed the Each Cycle, You will upgrade to Next Cycle. For example, You Set 2*2 cycle matrix means in the first level there are two members (1,2) and second level there are 4 members (3,4,5,6).


Hybrid Plan is a combination of more than one Plan that has been mentioned above. Most preferred combination is Unilevel and Binary Plan and can be Customized as per the Organization Requirement. Sales leaders are not available in this Plan. Members will get paid down any number of levels.


A Board MLM Plan is the most Classical plans used by MLM companies as it give high profits to the board members, Easy to Manage, Great Payouts & More Income.. As the name indicated in this plan members work in a board (team) that consists of designated numbers and when the board is completed, it will be split into two sub-trees. Numbers on the promotional board members differ from company to company as businesses have authority to decide how many members to be in it.


Stair-Step Matrix is one of the oldest and most common types of compensation plan where there is an unlimited number of front line positions like an Uni-level Matrix. Each stairway phase is regarded as a progression in position within the company. As you shift to the top of the stairways, you are then permitted to break a way from your sponsor and run your company individually.


User or Distributor can be enrolled into the Network by completing the required fields set by Admin for the Registration Process. Choosing the right packages of their selection, User can make the payment with the available payment gateways and can successfully registered into the Organisation after package payment manually approved by the Admin .

Registered or Enrolled User details will be displayed upon Username Selection. Complete Information of the User will be shown and Admin can be updated with the User Transactions within the Organization.

User Sales commission is the percentage of the value of a sale that are earned by the User. When the sale done by the User with the purchase of order from the Website, commission associated for that sale will be credited In Users Account and will be reflected under User Transaction Detail in Admin Backoffice. Commissions will be set for the Sales done in the Organization as part of the Business Plan and will be reflected for the Users when they or their downline make any Sales.


Recruitment Commission is the Commission paid for enrolling the new members into the Organisation. A commission is an order for someone to do something and get paid for the service rendered as a fee or %. User will be given Recruitment Commissions based on the settings done from Admin Backoffice as part of the Business Plan.

Once completing all the mandatory registration fields available for the user to get enrolled into the Organisation with package selection & payment made using the available Payment Gateways in Currency Set from the Admin Backoffice, Registration of the User can be done. User will be registered successful only  after membership subscription status be made active manually by Admin. User details can be reflected under username selection in depth.

When a new member been enrolled under a Registered User, commission for that successful recruitment will be credited in User’s Accounted and can be reflected under User Transaction Detail in Admin Backoffice. Transaction Details with the Commissions earned for whom and how much received. Commission will be earned subsequently based on the downline recruitment.


Compensation Plans, Rank, Bonus & Product Level Commission based on the Business Requirement can be configured from Admin Backoffice with any of your desired Package & integrated with your desired Website. Add Plan enables to set the Plan Name, Plan Type, Status, Created on with Date & Time. Edit under Action gives the option to make any changes to the Plans, Rank, Bonus, Commissions & can be updated with more details under each Title. Search Option is of very handy at times.  Changing Plans will delete all the datas that have been configured with the previous Plan.


Admin can Set the Compensation Plans by following simple and easy steps. Just need to complete the details as it prompts and Submit.

ADD will lead you to Add Plans Page where need to fill Plan Name, Continue to choose Plan Type from the provided, Set the Status to On/Off , Submit & Click OK for the Prompt Message will Add the Plan Successfully. If the Status is On it will show as Active. Default Features also available.

Plan Name is the Name given to the Plan that you are chosen for your Network.

Plan Type is the Type of Plan that you are opted for the Business like Binary, Unilevel & more that has to be set from the drop down menu.

Status will show if the chosen plan is set to be Active or Suspend by setting the Status to On/Off.

Created on display the Date & Time on which the Plan has been set.

Submit once the Plan Name, Plan Type & Status have been set, which will display all those details along with the Created on & Action.

Edit Option on choosing from the Action Icon, provide you with the Added Plan Detailed Pages from where Configuration can be Set.      


Set Configuration for the Added Plan done using Plan Action Edit Icon.

4 Steps in Set Configuration are General Settings, Plan Scaling, Entry Criteria & Commission Settings.


Plan Name, Type of the Plan, Description of the Plan, Default Sponsor for the Network, Password and Status either Active or Suspend either Automatic or Via Link are the details that have to be filled in General Settings. Using Next move on to the Next Step Plan Scaling.


Level Width, Level Deep are the details needed to be filled in Plan Scaling.  This varies with the Plan Type & Field to be set displayed will be based on the chosen Network Plan. Anytime you can go Back and Edit if required or move on with the Next Step Entry Criteria.


Free or Paid or Free Entry & Upgrade are the Entry Criteria Options that can be set for the Member Account which will be displayed during Registration Process.

Free Entry Options for Member Account be chosen – Set Approval for New Member Activation  either Active or Suspend & Continue to go further to Step 4.

For Paid Membership, One Time Registration or Subscription can be selected with the required Registration Fee, Registration PV, Tax Code, Chargebee Plan Name for the Members who are joining the Network.

Set Level Commission based on your Business Plan by Clicking on Set Level Commission and fill in the details. Add any levels by using Add and will be displayed here once added.

Direct Referral Commission & Level Commission can be set as On or Off. If the Commissions for the Referral & Level been set as ON, then need to fill in the Commission Value, Method either Flat or % & Wallet either Cash or Electronic.


Free Entry & Upgrade – You can Add Package by Clicking on ADD which will take you to the Add Package Page. Also make sure to Select No for Registration Fee.

After Filling in Name, Select E – Shop Package, Upgrade Package Type, Price, Direct Commission, Select Method – Flat or %, Wallet – E – Wallet / C – Wallet, PV, Description & Submit to Add package or Close to undo the Action. After confirmation, Package be added Successfully. Once the Added Package be Configured & be reflected for the User.


Package Action consists of Edit, Delete , Set Package Level Commission & Auto Subscription Options.

Edit Package Black Icon under Action enable to make changes to the Added Packages & Submit or Reset to Undo & can be updated.

Delete Package Red Icon under Action will delete the Package if no longer needed.

Set Package Level Commission Yellow Icon under Action enable to Add the Package Level Commissions based on your plan and use the Edit to makes any changes if required. Once done move on to Next Step Commission Settings.

Auto Subscription Blue Icon for Auto Subscription. Once update the subscription gateway, cannot modify subscription period once created. Billing interval either day, weekly, monthly & Trial Period optional can be selected & set for Auto Subscription.

Package Level Commission Page will be displayed, just Click Add & fill in the details like Levels, Name, Commission, Method & Wallet for Setting Level Commission for Package. Add any levels by using Add and will be displayed here once added.

After Adding the Package and done all the Edit or other Actions if required, Click Continue to proceed further to Final Step which is Commission Settings.


Commission Settings is the final step where you need to set the Commission Details based on the Compensation Plan & Configuration been set. Based on Plan Types, Appropriate Form will be shown to be completed with the Commission Details.

Binary Type need to be completed with the Instant/Pairing, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Binary & Joining Commission either On or Off before proceeding further with the Setting Configuration.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Binary, by setting limits you can check if commission rate exceeds the limit or not, Just need to follow the Prompt. If you are unsure about any changes always use Back to go to previous steps at any level. There are Instructions for Pairing Commission in the final step which needs to be adhered to.

Set Joining Commission for the Instant Binary, Daily Binary, Weekly Binary, Monthly Binary before clicking on Submit button to process with the Setting Configuration changes that have been made in all the four steps. Upon getting Ok message. Plan Configuration has been Set Successfully.

Forced Plan need to Set Joining Commission Yes/No , Fill in Commissions / Flat , Wallet Type & Click Submit button to process with the Setting Configuration changes that have been made in all the four steps.

Once all the 4 Steps, General Settings, Plan Scaling, Entry Criteria & Commission Settings in Set Configuration have been set, Upon Submit  with OK Confirmation Message, Configuration will be set successfully. If you are unsure about any changes always use Back to go to previous steps at any level & Can be Updated.


Rank or other Achievement can be added using Add Rank if that needs to be included as part of your Compensation Plan. Plan Name, Rank Name and Action will be shown upon Adding the Rank. Then carry on Edit the Rank Details using Edit icon under Action. Search Option also available for use if needed.


Using Add, Rank can be added by filling as it prompts under the Add Rank Page based on your Business Structure and Plan.

Add Ranks will give you the option to Add Rank with Condition or without Condition.

Add Rank Details like Select Plan, Rank Title Name, Rank Color, Rank Icon, Condition, Value, Bonus, Wallet Type, Commission, Direct Bonus, Network Bonus & Maximum Bonus can be filled in as per requirements and Submit to proceed or Cancel to undo the action.

Avatar for Rank Image can be chosen either by browsing the PC or Choose from the provided Avatar which can be used for Rank Genealogy View. Allowed formats are jpg and png.


If you choose with Remove Condition, that will show the Boxes to be filled in without Condition for the Ranks to be added. Plan from the drop down Menu has to be selected with Rank Name, Bonus Amount for which the Rank Name has to be crowned, Bonus Wallet either Cash or Electronic & Submitted for adding the Rank without Condition.


Add Rank With Condition provides you with an additional field in which you have the option to choose the Rank Condition from the drop down Menu and Condition value. 10 Rank Conditions are available to be shown under drop down Menu for Ranks to be added with condition.

Add Another Condition by choosing Add Another Condition. Next to Condition choose as per your requirement and type Value. You can add as many Conditions  as you want by selecting Add Another Condition.


Added Ranks can be Updated using Edit Icon under Action for both with & without condition. Edit Rank Page contains the filed in form and can make any changes and Submit to Update the Rank.

Add Level Commission selection will prompt you with the No level Commission and can add as per your Business Plan. Click on Green Circle Icon to Add Each time and Red Circle Icon to Delete.

Once All Conditions, Level Commissions, Ranks and Other Details been Set up Under Rank & Submit to Proceed with Rank Configuration. You will get the Added Successful Confirmation Message and the Distributors can View the Ranks & Other Rewards from their Side based on your Compensation Plan.


Product Level Commission is the different Level Commission that can be set for the Available Products in the Network which is also a part of the Compensation Plan. Normal functionalities like Search, Flip pages using <> also available.

Product Level Commission can be Set as per Compensation Plan. Level Line No, Level Name, Commission, Status & Option can be seen here. You can set any Number of Product Level Commission in the Product Level Commission Page by clicking Add.

Add Level Commission shows the details of Level Line No, Level Name, Commission & Status that has to be completed & Submit for setting the Level Commission. Product Level Commission can be set any number of Levels in the Network.

Add Product Level Commission provides the fields which has to be completed with the details like Plan from the drop-down Menu, Level Commission Name & Amount, Method of commission either Flat or %, Wallet either Cash or Electronic, Downline Level, Order Value, Wallet Type, Status either On or Off & Submit to Add Product Level Commission Details or Cancel to undo the Action.

Product Level Commission been added Successfully after Confirmation and reflected for the Distributors to avail the Product Commissions.

Edit Product Level Commission can be done using the Edit Icon under Option. This will lead you to the levels where you wanted to make changes & can be Updated after completing the prompt details. By filling in the form as it prompts and upon clicking Submit will make changes or cancel to undo the actions.

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