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rs those who receive the message from the sender. Recipients can be chosen from the drop-down menu.

The subject is the title of the content or anything briefing the content of the message filled in at the appropriate field based on the requirement.

Add Content can be done either formally or informally using the available Tools. Description of the subject more precisely, clearly defined for the recipient not to have any unambiguity regarding the content. If required can support the content with additional attachments through browsing the files.

Preview enables the user to go through the message that has been composed for the recipient before being sent.

Submit Message after Completing all compose fields to Send the Message to the chosen recipient.

Cancel enable to undo the Action of a message composed not to send.

Sent Messages can be viewed under Sent Messages after messages been composed & Sent with Recipient Name, Subject of the message content, Date on which the message been sent.

View Tool or Eye Icon under Sent Message Action enable to view in detail the Sent Message in order to review the details for further Reference

Trash is getting rid of the message easily using Trash upon Selection of the Messages to be sent to Trash.

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