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Message Center

Message Centre Plays a Vital Role in Communicating Important Informations between Customers and Organisation. Communications is Crucial to the Success of your Business & Emails should Contain Important Information worthy of the recipients time. Make Sure Not to Send Messages recklessly instead use it wisely with the Tool.

PROMLM ICON been built in with the e-mail campaign manager, web messaging, automated email response, timely message delivery and more enabling enhanced communications. Selecting All, Today, This Week, This Month, This Year, will lead to the Details of Inbox, Sent messages Corresponding to that Selection. ICON uses the Data Tables for list views and advanced control for exporting the data to Excel, PDF.

Key Features of Message Centre includes Display Inbox Messages, Display Sent Messages, Filter Message Options, View Filtered Messages, Mark as Read Messages, Mark as Unread Messages, Delete Messages, Search & Sort  By Date, Date Calendar, Compose Messages, Upload Files -xls, pdf, jpg, png, Sent & Received Message Status, Reply Message with attachments, Mail, SMS & Push Notifications.

Inbox Menu will detail the available mails in the Inbox using the Drop Down Menu of the Inbox.

Sent Message will display  if any messages been sent available.

Message Menu Selection consists of Inbox, Reply, Received, Sent Messages & will lead to that corresponding Message Details.

Message Selection of Day using drop down menu includes All, Today, This Week, This Month, This Year & will lead to the details of Inbox, Sent messages Corresponding to that Selection.

Search the Messages From & To Dates using the Calendar Provided, Find out the details required and can Reset to Undo the Action.

Action Menu comprises of  Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, Delete & use it Appropriately for the Received Messages.


Compose has to be selected for sending messages.

Send Messages can be carried out using Compose by completing the details of Selecting Name, Type Subject, Message, Attach any files if needed by browsing and Submit or Close to Exit the form.

Allowed file formats are jpg, pdf, png, xls.

Sent Messge will be displayed in the Message Center and will be shown if choose the sent messages.

Received Message with or without attachments can be seen.

Received Message Details of From Whom the Message been received, Email ID, Subject, Date & Status will be seen along with action icon.

Red Action Icon means the received message has attachments.

Status will show as read or unread.

Subject Selection from Received or Inbox or Sent Message will lead to the appropriate detail elaborately and act upon it accordingly.

Reply Message can be done easily from received message page itself by just using the Arrow Action Icon.

Arrow Action Icon Selection will lead to Reply message by completing all the field details as it prompts with or without attachment as applicable and Submit or Close to Exit the reply message.

Messages can be generated using Print, PDF, Excel, Copy or Download in CSV Format along with Default Features.

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