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Master Soft Launch Plan

Software can be delivered from 25 Business days based on the fact that you keep in hand or be ready with all the essential requirements needed for the Master Soft-launch as mentioned in our website. Make sure the information regarding the following Titles are well adhered to: Website, Merchant Solution Account, Terms and Conditions, Domain Name, Compensation Plan, Enrolment Products/ Package if any, Shipment Rates, Branding, Sales Tax Rates & Notification Services.

Before the Soft Launch for all Licenses, You should have an account with sendgrid.com for Auto Responders and an account with Twilio.com for 2FA Notification Services respectively. Customization inputs based on the agreed scope of work and licensing eligibility criteria.

On First cut delivery(FCD) we do provide Testing report based on your comp plan. FCD will be delivered in 21 Business days upon providing all the essential requirements for the Soft Launch.

Purchased Software is Cloud Licensed, we will do Install, Setup the Compensation Plan, Maintain the Site , Support Availability 24hrs & Take care of everything to give you more time to focus on your Business Growth.

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