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Mass PayOut

Mass PayOut is the Mass Withdrawal done In Business Transactions with both Cash & E-Wallets Based according to the PayOut Configurations Set under the PayOut Settings.


Mass Payment can be made by completing the details of the Wallet type, Payment Options, Mass Payout Details with Name, Email ID, Wallet Balance, Payment Account Number, ID & Phone number based on the request done by the Distributors or members.

Mass Payout Successful Message will be displayed once done with Confirmation.

Export Mass PayOut Report can be generated using Print, Copy, PDF, Excel, CSV & used accordingly.

The wallet gives the type of wallet either cash or electronic which can be used for Mass Payout from Admin Backoffice for the user.

Payment Options or Mode provide the available gateways chosen for Mass Payout from Admin Backoffice by the set up done by the user according to the business structure &  payment configurations.

Mass PayOut Details will be displayed with Name, Email ID, Wallet Balance, Payment Type, Payment Details of the Account Number, ID & Phone Number.

Username can be selected from the drop-down Menu by Admin for the Mass Payout. The username shown will be the one used by the User during the Registration Process under Username.

Email Id gives the Email Address of the Distributor whom the Mass Payout been intended to carry out by Admin as per user request or need.

Wallet Balance gives the remaining amount available for the Distributor after the Payout. So that users can make effort to have sufficient amounts in their wallets for future needs.

Payment Type provides the type of payment either bank wire, cash, cheque, or more based on the business payment available options.

Payment Account Number provides the Account details of the distributor or user for the mass payout.

Account ID or other related details for the mass payout.

Phone Number gives the contact number of the user or distributor for whom the mass payout been intended to carry out.

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