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Premium E – Learning is a sum of money that you have to pay for E –  Learning. E-learning or Online Learning or Online Education refers to a learning or training system that we can obtain through the internet using an electronic or digital resources or device be prepared to pay a small premium for trainer support. Based on the Business Requirement, E – learning can be utilised for various purposes in educating or training the customers or distributors who have enrolled into their network.

Premium E – Learning Menu can be available from Admin Backoffice Marketing Header Title which upon selection will display its submenus.

Premium E – Learning Sub Menu includes Manage Course, Add Course & Course Payment. This can be used to add any training or learning material that has to be reflected for the distributors. Admin can configure from Admin Backoffice for effective use for the users with ease.

Manage Course will guide you to create Tutorial like Video or PDF for your Customers which in turn can be reflected on User side.

Add Course Page can be reached Straightaway from Add Course under Premium E – Learning or using ADD from Manage Courses Page. Course can be added with appropriate Details & managed respectively.

Add Course Details has to be completed with Description, Curriculum, FAQ, Announcements & Select Purchase Course which makes that course available on the user side for purchase.

Course Description  has to be filled in with Course Title, Upload Course Banner, Content, Status with On or Off & Select Purchase Courses. Whatever you are adding here will be displayed to the User Accordingly.

Upload Course Banner  with allowed file format can be done. For the Course Banner is png , jpg , svg , (250 px X 250 px) is allowed.

Once Courses & Description added successfully it will show the Confirmation Message.

Purchase Course Details  can be done after completing with Price, Duration, Video, Plan & Minimum Membership Required for the Plan.

Course Curriculum, FAQ & Announcements can be added by following the Prompt , fill in the details & click on Purchase Course. Confirmation of Successful Message for that Particular addition will be displayed. This entirely depends on the Organization. Based on the requirement, all these submenus can be completed or made available on User Side.

Curriculum is a set of courses that comprise a given area or specialty of study.This comprises Course Curriculum varies for the business.

FAQ ,  Frequently Asked Question is a list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject, especially one giving basic information for users regarding the course curriculum or related matter.

Announcements is a formal public statement about a fact, occurrence, or intention. This can be added based on the requirement.

Manage Course will display the Added Courses with Edit and Delete under Actions which can be used if required.

Edit Courses can be done using Edit Black Action Icon for the Selected Course and can Update the Course Accordingly.

Delete Courses can be done using Delete Red Action Icon for the Selected Course and can remove the Course Accordingly.

Course Payment Details will be displayed once been made by the User for their Courses mentioned based on their Business Plan by Admin.

User Course Payment Details with Username, Amount, Payment Mode, Payment Status, Created on Date and Delete Icon under Action will be shown. Upon using Delete Icon it will delete the Course Payment details for the Selected User.

Username is the name given under this field by the user while enrolling into the organization from whom the course payment been made.

Amount gives the sum of money paid by the user for enrolled course.

Payment Mode provides the mode by which the payment been done by the user for the enrolled course.

Payment Status gives the condition of the payment if its been paid, pending or unpaid, so on.

Created on gives the date on which the course payment been made by the user for that respective course.

Action Icon with Delete enable the admin to remove the particular course details of the payment made by the user.


PROMLM ICON offers an Advanced and Secured MLM Software with popular Online Coaching Platform to launch highly scalable models without compromising its effectiveness of training with features like SCRAM Compliance, Category based Courses, Paid, Free Categorizaton, Interactive LMS, Embedding Models & Subscription based Programs.  Coaching can easily be managed & mastered.

Coaching Menu can be available from Admin Backoffice Marketing Header Title which upon selection will display its submenus.

Coaching Tool will guide Admin to create Tutorial like Video or PDF for their Customers that can be reflected on User side can be managed from Admin Backoffice Manage Courses.


Manage Coaching enables Admin to manage Added Courses with Details like Course Name, Status, Date Created on and Edit, Delete & Add Lesson under Action Icons.

Default Functionalities like Search Option available from Top & Individual Pages can be viewed upon clicking or pages number selection from bottom or can be flipped through Pages using < > respectively.

Manage Course display details of added Course Name, Status, Created On  & Action.

Course Name is the Name of the Course that has been added from Admin Backoffice to be reflected for the User.

Status with Green for Active and Red for Suspend helps Admin to know the Status of the added Course at a glance.

Created On gives the Date with Time on which the Course been added.

Action display Edit Course, Delete Course & Add Lesson Icons which does the corresponding actions based on the selection.

Edit Icon enables to make any changes for the Added Course Name & Status and can be updated upon submit.

Delete Icon enables to remove the entire Course Name & Status, thereby no longer available for the User.

Add Lesson Icon enables to Add Lesson for that particular added Course Name & submit to perform the desired action.


Course can be added by Admin based on the Business Requirement in two steps from Admin Backoffice. First Course Name to be added & Second Lessons can be added for that Course. It is very simple and easy to Add Courses by just Choosing Top Add Courses which leads to the Add Course Page. Once Submitted will be shown under the Manage Course & also available for the user if it is active.

Add Course Page Details can be completed with Course Name, Status set to On or Off & Submit to implement the Action of Adding the Course. If the Status is On it will show as Green Active & for Off will display as Red Suspend. If a Course is Active then it will be available for the user.

Action Icons -Black Icon – Edit , Red Icon – Delete & Blue Icon – View Lesson. Choose the Course & do the appropriate Actions which you want to do if needed.

Edit Course can be done by making Changes to the Course Name & Updated using Edit Icon under Course Action.

Delete Course can be done using Delete Icon under Course Action. You can delete the Course Completely after Confirmation before deleting the Course by either Accepting the Delete Action or Cancel to undo it. If Select Accept will delete the Course successfully.

View Lesson can be done using Blue View Icon which will take you to the Manage Lesson Page & using Add gives you the Options to Add Lesson.  You can use Edit to make changes for the Added Course. To delete Added Course use Red- Delete Icon & Blue Icon to View Lesson.


Using Add, sub menus of Manage Lesson Page of Coaching Manage course can be reached from Marketing Menu of Admin Backoffice Header and complete the details as it prompts for the lessons to be added & displayed for the distributors or users.

Add Lesson can be done using Add Lesson Icon under Action. First Choose the Course under which Lesson has to be added & then Add Lesson Icon selection will lead to Manage Lesson Page.

Manage Lesson Page gives the details of all Added Lessons under that Course. Add Lesson enable Admin to Add Lesson Page from where Lessons can be added for that Course with Add Lesson Details upon submit. Admin can Add Lesson as many as they want under that Course and All Added Lesson Summary can be seen & managed from Manage Lesson Page. Courses and Lessons under that will be reflected on the User Side.

Add Lesson Details can be added upon submit with Lesson Title, Lesson Description, Lesson Video Duration, Lesson Video using Update Video, Lesson Image by Update Image, Set Status either On or Off, Minimum Membership Required with Selected User or All User, Topic either Select or Create, Create New Topic with Type & Status either On/Off.

Submit to Add Lesson with all the Details mentioned above or Cancel to undo the actions.  Added Lesson can be viewed by clicking on Appropriate Icon under Manage Lesson after added Successfully and confirmed with the Message.

Lesson Title is the Title of the Lesson for that Added Lesson under the particular Course.

Lesson Description is the Explanation of the Lesson for that Added Lesson under the particular Course.

Lesson Video Duration gives how long the Video will be played for that Added Lesson under the particular Course using Update Lesson Video.

Video Mode can be chosen From Video Directory or Add New, Add New MP4 Video, Browse and Choose the File. Video should be in MP4 Format.

Lesson Image display the picture of the Lesson for the Added Lesson under the particular Course using update Lesson Image. Image should be in format PNG, JPG. Audio & Image Chosen by browsing the File.

Document should be in PDF Format, Browse Document File to select.

Status can be set to On or off for that Added Lesson under the particular Course. Status display Green Active for On and Red Suspend for Off in the Manage Lesson Page.

Manage Lesson Action with appropriate Icon chosen will carry out corresponding actions. can also be used with Edit, Delete & view added lesson when required by Admin similar to Courses & Lesson Actions.

Edit Lesson using Edit Black Icon under Manage Lesson Action, necessary changes to the fields of selected lesson from Edit Lesson Page can be done & updated from Admin Backoffice.

Delete Lesson using Delete Red Icon under Manage Lesson Action, entire  fields of selected lesson can be removed & won’t be reflected for the distributor or user. Lesson will be deleted after Confirmation using either Accept or Cancel. If Select Accept will delete the Lesson Successfully. Cancel can be chosen to undo the Action.

View Blue Icon enable the Admin to View the Added Lesson Details under the Course. So after Reviewing, if needed make changes using Edit Icon. Successful Action Message will be shown. If you don’t want that Lesson to be shown under the Course then Click on Cancel.


Site Analytics is the Marketing Platform available from Admin Backoffice Header Title. Admin can make use of the informations and analyse it in working towards the effectiveness for promotions & business growth.

Site Analytics is the Measurement, Collection, Analysis and Reporting of Site data for Purposes of Understanding and Optimizing Site Usage.

Site Analytics provides information about the Number of Visitors to the website, Number of Page Views, Most Popular Pages on your Site, Popular Paths to Purchase, How long the Visitors stayed in the Site, How many Visits, which Page they Visit, whether they arrive by following a Link or Not.

With Site Analytics you can Accurately track the Effectiveness of your Online Marketing Campaigns with the information for future efforts.


Lead Capture Page is the Marketing Platform available from Admin Backoffice Header Title. Admin can make of the informations and analyse it in working towards the effective promotions & business growth.

Lead Capture Page is a landing page which allows you to collect leads that contains Customers informations like Email, Contact number and more, which is easy to operate and use with any website thereby creating a large market. You can increase the Sales by Constructive interaction with the Customers. Mobile Responsive Lead Generation System is one of the special feature of this Lead Capture Page.

Add Selection will lead you to Add New Template Page where you can Add New Template with Name and Published either on or off & Submit to do the Action or Cancel to undo it.

Added New Template will be shown after Successful addition with Name, Alias, Status & Action Icons of Edit, Delete, Build Page & Preview

Name is the Template name intended to give.

Alias gives the alternative name for the added template.

Status will show as on or off to be Published for the added  template.

Use of Appropriate Action Icons for the Selected Template will carry out the Actions accordingly.

Black – Edit Template Icon
Red. – Delete Template Icon

Blue – Build Page Iconyellow – Preview Template Icons

Edit Template –  Added Templated can be Updated using Edit Icon.

Build Template –  You can use Build Page – Blue Icon for building the Template under Action.

Preview Template using Preview Yellow Icon once done.

Delete Template using Red Delete Icon will enable to Delete the Added Template if required.


User Lead Template is another promoting tool available from Admin Backoffice Header Marketing Title. Admin can make use of the available PROMLM ICON Templates templates for choosing to be used with the distributor or users.

User Lead Templates consists of 31 Templates out of which you can choose anything of your choice & Click Submit for Selecting that template if you would like to use the available Templates or Cancel to undo the Action.

User Lead Templates under Marketing will be same as User Party Template under Party Plan.

Admin can choose the. Party Templates that has to be reflected on the Distributor side from the available 31 Party Templates by browsing around the Templates, after deciding the Templates to be chosen, make Template selection & submit.

Once done from Admin Backoffice by the Admin based on the Business Theme or Requirements, it will then be made available for the use of the Distributors from their end.


Admin can view the Lead Contacts from Admin Backoffice under the Marketing Header Title once added. Lead Contact can be used with Marketing Platform for Business Growth .

Lead Contacts are the Contact Leads that can be added by Admin from Admin Backoffice with ease. Added Lead Contacts Summary will be displayed here with Details of Date with Time, Sponsor, Name, Phone, Email, Source, City, State, Country & Edit Icon under Action.

Details of Leads like Date and Time, Sponsor, Name, Phone, Email, Source, City, State &  Country are displayed here under Leads.

Clicking on Icon under the Action will perform the Action respectively.

Date and Time of the first contact of the Lead.

Sponsor gives the person name under whom first lead contact made.

Name gives the lead contact name.

Phone gives the contact number of the lead.

Email provide the email address to communicate with the lead.

Source give the details from where the lead first contact been made.

Address give the City, State & Country of the Lead enabling the Admin to make communication with them.

Add Lead Contacts – Lead Contact can be added by Clicking on Add, fill in with the Details of Lead Sponsor, Name, Address, Notes, Social Media, Task, Birthday, Tag as it prompts & Submit. Confirmation of Leads Added Successfully will be shown and Added Lead Contacts will be displayed under Lead Contacts.

Edit Lead Contacts can be done using Action Edit Icon under Lead Contacts, Admin can able to Update the Details & Submit. Confirmation Message will be Shown once updated Successfully.


PROMLM ICON Replicate Site feature provide the User to personalise their own replicate site from replicate site settings & your MLM startup company can launch, fast-track their business, enrol their distributors & share it with others in buying the products or service from their shop. This website uses browser cookies to improve user experience and analyse website traffic but never stores any sensitive information.

Replicating Site is the Marketing Platform assists in the Recruitment Process and Brand Building which links to Registration and Stores. Its very easy to create the Replicating Website where Admin just needs to enter the Details and Update with a catchy Welcome Message from Admin Backoffice.

Replicated site is a feature that allows you to create Replicated sites for your affiliates. Replicated (personalized) site is a lead generation tool used to enroll potential subscribers & can be a landing page, a company website or an online store.

Replicating Site Menu can be available from Admin Backoffice Marketing Header Title.

Set Up Replicating Site using the available options by completing the details as it prompts under Site Settings, Slider Settings, Content Pages, Testimonial Settings with Add and once done Save to implement that Settings that has been set.

Marketing Tool Special Features are Upload brand logo, Auto link to Profile & Multiple Social Media Accounts can be linked, WYSIWYG Editor for content & High Conversion CTA (Call to Action) Button.


Replicating Site Settings includes completing the Site Settings of the Replicated Page, so that it will be available for the distributor or user accordingly. Admin have the control how the distributor can have their replicating site to be presentable. Very simple & easy to be done.

Replicating Site Setting Details have to be completed with Editable either yes or no, Email ID, Footer, Phone Number, Site Logo browse the file & submit to set the replicating site settings or cancel to undo action.

User Editable with Yes or No can be set under Site Settings. If set as No then Distributor or User can’t make any changes. If Yes, then user provided with the replicating site can make changes.

Email ID –  An email address is a unique identifier for an email account. It is used to both send and receive email messages over the Internet.

Footer – A website footer is the block of text, links, and icons at the bottom of every page of a website. Footers often link to important pages on the site, legal policies, social media accounts, and related resources.

Phone Number  – a number that can be used to contact a particular person, company, or organization by phone.

Site Logo  – A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, symbol, or stylized name used to identify a company, organization, product, or brand. It may take the form of an abstract or figurative design, or it may present as a stylized version of company’s name if it has sufficient brand recognition. file size should be less than 2MB


Slider Settings enables to Add more number of Sliders with Title, Image, Captions, Url, Slideshow Height, Image Alignment, Auto Advance details & Save will set the Sliders to be displayed on the replicating site.

Title  is a descriptive heading or caption of which you want to add under slider settings.

Image can be browsed from the computer files and chosen relevant to the title.

Captions provide an illustration with a title or explanation for the image and relevant to the tile under slider.

Slideshow Height is the place where you can choose the height for the slide show intended to set.

Image Alignment gives the position exactly where the image has to be aligned in the slider settings.

Auto Advance can be enabled or disabled from the drop down menu and if enabled Advance slider settings  can be done automatically.  If not enabled then have to do manually.

More Sliders can be added using Add Sliders & Save Button. if not happy with the Set Slider just using redX button or Cancel button it will delete the imperfect Set Sliders.


Contents that the replicating site should have to be displayed can be added under content page of the replicating site under Marketing Header from Admin Backoffice.

Replicating Site Contents can be added based on your preferences using Add with details like Page Title, Menu, Menu Type & Status. Action Black Edit & Red Delete Icons also available.

Page Title is the descriptive heading of the Page for the contents to be added under content page.

Menu Type can be set as either Internal or External Page Content.

Menu to be mentioned as Yes or No & based on that will be available for the user under replicating site page content.

(SEO)Search Engine Optimization is the activity that attempts to improves Search Engine rankings. In Search results Google displays links to pages it considers relevant and authoritative.

SEO Title,  Description &  Keyword can be chosen to be selected for the added content page.

Status can be either Active or Inactive.

Publish on Dates can be chosen from the provided calendar.

Select Expiry on Dates from the provided calendar or Never.

Upon Submit will Add the content to be shown in that pages or Cancel to Undo the Action.

Edit Added Content Pages can be done using the Edit Icon under Added Content Page Action can be updated upon Submit which will further Proceed with the amendments or cancel to undo the Action. Similarly Delete Icon under Action for the Added Content Page will enable you to remove the Added Content Page completely.

After completing & Submitting the Content Page Form of the Replicating Site Content Page can be added Successfully.


Testimonial Settings is the place where Testimonies which you wanted to be shown in the Replicating Site can be added with details like Content, Image, Status. Action & Search also available.

Settings of Testimonial Details like Testimonial Content, Image & Status can be added as it prompts by the click of Add. Use Edit Or Delete Icons under Action.

Added Testimonial Settings Page will display the added Testimonial details under Testimonial Settings of the Replicating Site Menu shown under Admin Marketing Header Title.

Testimonial Content is the content with description of testimonies.

Testimonial Image consists of the image relevant to the testimonies added under testimonial content.

Status can be either Active or Suspend.

Upon Submit Testimonials can be added Replicating Site Successfully.

Edit Added Testimonial Content can be done using Black Edit Icon for the Added Testimonial Content which will lead you to the Edit Testimonial Page from where you can makes changes and Submit to enable the amendments or Cancel to undo the action. Red Icon will delete the Testimonial Content Completely.


Campaign is If someone campaigns for something, they carry out a planned set of activities over a period of time in order to achieve their aim. Campaigning can be used for promoting any new introductions in the Organization to all the Users or Distributors.

Campaigns is one of the Marketing Tool available from the Admin Backoffice under Marketing Header Title.

Campaigning Details can be added straightforward very easily from the Admin Backoffice with Subject, User List Selection from the Select Menu, Template Selection and Submit to add Campaign. This is a Great Privilege Marketing Tool where Campaign can be set with ease.

From is the one from whom the campaign is being sent.

Subject display the reason or title for that intended campaign.

Content is the explanation or description of the intended campaign if.applicable.

User List is the List or Menu showing the available Users in the Organization to whom the intended campaign should be sent.

User List includes All Users, Active Users, Suspended Users, Only Subscribe Users, Premium Users, Free Users & Unverified Users.

Template that you are intended to use under campaign can be selected.


Noteworthy information or Events can be sent to the Users through Newsletter using send newsletter by completing the required Newsletter details. Newsletter Name based on the subject content or any attractive title given to that Particular Newsletter will be available for sending to the users.

Newsletter Template can be easily built using Build Page Tool with all the professional feel and look that can be used to send Newsletter. Newsletter Template Menu can be viewed from Marketing Header Title from Admin Backoffice. You can use Print, Copy & CSV.

Newsletter Template Page allows you to edit an existing Template or Add a New one by clicking Add Template with Name, Status either active or inactive & Tools under Action for the Added Newsletter Template for Sending Newsletter.  Successful Added Newsletter Template will be displayed once added.

Template Name is the Name given for that particular template intended for sending the newsletter.

Template Status can be set as Suspend or Active,

Upon Submit will add the newsletter template & ready for sending the newsletter.

Added Template Details with Name, Status & Action Icons will be displayed and Using Appropriate Newsletter Template Icons, newsletter template that has been added can be Edited, Deleted, Built & Previewed as per your preferences.


There are 4 Actions carried out under Action of Newsletter Template. They are Black Icon for Edit, Blue Icon for Build Page, Yellow Icon for Preview the Built Page of Newsletter Template & Red Icon for Delete or  undo the Actions.

Edit Newsletter Template can be done using Edit Action with the necessary changes to make with the name, status either active or inactive and submit to update or cancel the action.

Build Page takes you to the page where you can actually build your own Newsletter Template for Sending the Newsletter by using all the available Features.

Build Page Features are Edit Background, Body, Elements & Property.

Edit Background enables to make changes to the newsletter background or to add the background.

Body is where the main aspect of the newsletter can be built upon.

Property of the Newsletter like Title, Divider, Text, Image, Button, Image/Text, Social Links can be added after your preference .

Elements of the Newsletter can be selected based on the individual choice for the Template by drag to the body and completing the details as it prompts.  Preview once done & Save or Close.

Preview Template can be done before actually sending the newsletter and Once after the Newsletter Template been built using the Preview Icon. if all seems to be fine then go ahead & Save the Newsletter Template. If don’t like it then use the Red Delete Icon to delete it.

Use Delete Icon to delete it if you don’t want to proceed further with the build page of the Newsletter Template. It will be removed from the Newsletter Template completely and allow you to start from the scratch.


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