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Key Knowledge

Once PROMLM ICON Software is ready for its purpose with all the Essential Integrations required for the Business, the purchased owner will be authorized to access both the FrontEnd & BackEnd using the provided Login Credentials. Website Front End or User Interface can be managed from the Admin BackEnd or Admin Backoffice by the Admin who may be either the owner or the one appointed by him or her. You can edge over your competitors by utilizing our All-Inclusive Productive Powerhouse Software Supremacy & Legacy.

PROMLM ICON is a Completely Automated Web-Based Solution and Powerful Software for your Direct Sales or Network Marketing Business supported with more than 35+ Compensation Plan Strategies in-built with BI-based Reporting and Distributor Management enabling a wide range of integrations including Shopify & Woo-Commerce. Customer Expectations are being satisfied with innovative Commerce, Payment Solutions & Features like Genealogy, Replicated Sites, Commission Calculations, Shopping Cart, Autoship, Word Press Integration, Complete Business Control from Company to Product & Order to Distributor Management, Various Payment Gateways, Advanced Reporting, Bonus, Rank, Integration Platforms, Party Plan, Dynamic Dashboard, Marketing, Message, Ticket Center, Events, E Pin & E-Wallet Management.

Our cutting-edge PROMLM ICON Platform available to empower your Business of all sizes with user-friendly Promotional Modules & Tools.  With almost one-time Admin and Configuration Settings, the owner or the Admin can have full command over the Business. In addition to the Standard Configuration and Management, extra Tools have been included to enhance the Productivity, Data Storage satisfying the Customer Expectations.

Our White-labeled Mobile App is fully featured to run the entire business from the touch away of your both Android & IOS Phone. Our Well Sophisticated Mobile App allows you as a business owner to deliver a consistent omnichannel brand experience & premier existence in the Android and IOS App Store besides the renowned Retailers.

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