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Genealogy Tree

PROMLM ICON featured with Creative Strategies to enhance the Business with the Real-Time Genealogy Displays by providing all the information required by the Distributors for having a clear view of their up and down lines. Interactive Viewing of the member in the Network is provided to Visualize the Members Position in the Organization & to identify the Network Growth thereby assisting in plan succession. Search option enables to find the members within the network.

Genealogy Views based on the Network Plans for the members will be displayed from the drop-down Menu of Genealogy Tree in My Plan Page based on User Plan Type Selection.

User Plan Types available are Unilevel Genealogy Tree, Graphical Genealogy, Tabular Genealogy, Downline Count Genealogy, Collapse Genealogy, and Rank Genealogy. Interactive Genealogy View of the Network is provided to Visualize the Members Position under My Plan.

Unilevel Genealogy Tree

Viewing of Members in the Network can be shown in Genealogy Tree based on the Plan. If you Click the Right Corner Green Circle can see Full Screen View. If you hover near the small dots of the view, it will show you the Avatar of the Member and their Details. If you hover on each member it will show their details. Search option enables to find the Members within the Network.

Tabular Genealogy Tree

Tabular Genealogy is basically a Feature that allows the whole system to be available in the Tree like Structure with most of the information included. With just a Cursor movement + and – , Expand and Collapse, Full Member line-up can be displayed. This Tabular Genealogy View let the Members to understand the Working Profile of the Members and thereby Accelerate the Working Efforts.

Graphical Genealogy

Genealogy in Graphical View enables the User to have clear knowledge of the Downline Distributors, their position, where to add more users to earn more revenue and so on which in turn will be helpful for Business Growth. Graphical Genealogy of Members in the Network can be viewed with ease by using the Navigation Buttons.

Based on the Business Plan, Graphical View can be of Unilevel, Binary, Linear, Forced, Cycle or Australian X- Up Plan and So On. As Business Plan has been integrated with the Software, In Graphical View you can Select the Plan which you want to view from the drop down Menu.

Graphical View Templates that are Set by the Admin from Admin Backoffice will be available for the User upon Activation. Using Scroll Bar at Side you can move up and down for a better View. Use the + for Zoom in, – for Zoom out , Upward, Downward, Selection Zoom, Reset Zoom for more clarity of the Graphical View. Use the Search Option available at the top to find out specific users/distributors.

Rectangular Box with the Username have + / _ , upon clicking – it will collapse & + will Expand the Graphical view. Clicking on  … three dots next to the user name shows View which takes you to that User page directly for further looking in detail.

Individual User Details of Name, Title, Description, Sponsor, Phone Number, Email, Rank & Rank Image can be displayed upon Clicking the View. This may vary based on the user requirement. To go back to the Graphical form Click on the Arrow at the Right side. User can upload the image or Avatar of their choice under My Profile which will be displayed here in the image itself which is very helpful for the Admin to know the Complete Picture of the Members in that Particular Network. Use the Separate Scroll Bar to View the Individual Details.

Name is the User name who is being displayed in Graphical Genealogy.

The title gives the User name who is being displayed in Graphical Genealogy. A title is one or more words used before or after a person’s name, in certain contexts. This also may vary based on the Organization.

The description is the detailed information of the User who is being displayed in Graphical Genealogy.

Sponsor is the name who is  above the user under whom they have been enrolled & being displayed in Graphical Genealogy. Based on the Organization, this detail may vary. Unique  numbers may be used.

Phone Number is the contact number of the number who is being displayed in Graphical Genealogy.

Email is the User Email Address who is being displayed in Graphical Genealogy.

Rank is the level or rank of the user  who is being displayed in Graphical Genealogy based on the business need.

Rank Image is the image or picture or any representation depicting the rank  of the user who is being displayed in Graphical Genealogy.

Downline Count Genealogy

Downline Count View Gives the Member in Downline View which makes it easy for the Admin to find out the areas which require more work required to build the success of the business at a glance. Based on that, Enrolling the New member into the desired spot is very helpful for the Network Growth as well. Template View that is chosen by the Admin reflected in the User Side and can Use Search for any Downline Count Members. Use + for Expand or – for Collapse to View the Downline Count Members  & Individual Details with ease.

Rank & Collapse Genealogy

Genealogy View makes it easy to view at a glance, picture the volume, enrolling into the desired spot by the appropriate place selection & helpful for the business growth and success. Genealogy View based on Rank in Rank Genealogy and in Collapse Genealogy viewed in Collapse or Expand form.

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