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Fund Transfer

Fund Transfer happens smoothly in the Organisation between the Accounts specified by the User provided enough amount available for the transfer to take place.

Fund Transfer Menu can be available from Tool Icon on Top Right of the Header Content along with Menus of My Earnings, My Plan, My Referral Links, Withdrawal Request & E – Wallet Management.

Fund Transfer Details like Wallet Type Selection, Cash Amount, Transfer to, Transaction Password has to be completed as required by the user for the Fund Transfer to happen. Choose Submit to do the fund transfer or Cancel to undo the Actions. Your Current Balance also can be seen. Based on the available balance can make the transfer.

Wallet Type either Cash or Electronic can be chosen for Fund Transfer.

The amount is the amount required for the fund transfer to be specified within the limits set by Admin based on the funds availability.

Transfer to is the Name of the User to whom the fund transfer has to be made.

Transaction Password is the password that is required for the fund transfer transaction to happen mainly for security reason.

Transaction Password Set can be done from My Profile under User Icon at the Top Right Corner of the Header Content.

Current Balance shows the balance or the remaining available amount of the User that can be utilised or used. This sets the limit for the user to choose the fund transfer amount to  specify under that field.

Submit or Cancel to do the fund transfer or undo the Actions.

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