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Icon Upgrades

Package Upgrade can be done seamlessly whenever you are interested or urged to move into upper hierarchy or level to keep abreast your business platform along with your Business Growth as if there is an unexpected Business Growth of more than 10000 Active Users. Anytime ADD ONS & any Third Party CRM, Payment Gateways or any Modules can be integrated upon providing API.


Our PROMLM ICON Software is compatible with all Products & Global Usage irrespective of Location. It can be deployed in Mac, Windows, Cloud & SaaS. We comply with 99.99% up time with virtually no down time with Data backup every 1hour.

Payment Info

We support 120+ merchant account providers on iCON CLOUD for API integration. iCON CLOUD gives you the freedom to choose the right payment gateway for your business as we integrate with over 120 different providers. We offer multiple payment options including E-wallet payment, Credit card, Bit-coin payment and more. Website(Customers) and Back-office(Subscribers) Payment Gateways Integrations can be done without any hassle.

We provide an option to integrate gateways exclusively like STRIPE or PAYPAL, which offers AdmIn an option to approve the payout report generated on monthly or weekly (based on your comp plan) to be paid MASS Paid out automatically.

In Crypto Payment Gateway, it doesn’t do auto subscription so members have to pay manually every month. Companies like Stripe that are supporting Credit Cards offers Auto Subscription, so every month it deducts from your Credit Card Automatically & can be easily done.

Icon Privileges

Unlimited Replicated Sites, Unlimited Distributors and Customers based on the chosen licensing, Unlimited Support & Maintenance. If you are a start-up or early stage company, Cloud licensing Packages will help you with everything as we take care of hosting services, 24×7 Technical Support & Maintenance for the entire subscription period.

Compensation Plans like StairStep (ranks) Unilevel with many levels deep or any depth is possible, as long as you have commissions to pay & Commission Payout Plans can be automated based on your Plan.

WordPress is the CMS Content Management System developed with E Commerce based Woo Commerce or Shopify integrations catering to the individual needs or situation arise.

Software Bandwidth

ICON Software Usage Limited to 100GB per month as we don’t have any restriction on number of subscribers. But 100GB Bandwidth is good enough to handle a million subscribers. After you exceed 100 GB of bandwidth per month, can avail addition 100GB by paying some extra.

Renewal/ Termination

With all our CLOUD licensing options the DATA is always owned by you the client(Corporate) and we are GDPR compliant. You can restore or download your data on your network anytime from your system, if you prefer not to renew our service. If you would like to renew also it can be done effortlessly. Termination during the Subscription Period won’t be recommended.

Refund Policy

We don’t have Money Refund Policy once signing in for the Software & made the payment. As our Software does not comes with Script & Its a digital product hosted in our Cloud Platform, after delivered within the agreed time based on your Plan, can be accessible with the login credentials and you will be in complete control of the software that been purchased.

Ui Customization

Customization Limited to Color and Parameters on the back-office. Registration can be personalized as per your request. User BackOffice & Admin BackOffice remain the same with our brand & Modules with few exceptions like changing the Terms, Omitting the irrelevant Sections & Color Theme. Backoffice will be integrated to your website & it will be the extension of your Domain Name. We do incorporate your Logo and Color Code in Backoffice and Website Theme. You need to provide logo, color code, website contents to execute it.

MLM Plan Change

Changing the Compensation Plan during the agreed Subscription Period can be done upon request for additional cost or after the yearly or biannual subscription period but It comes with some drawback too. Actual process is once the license been purchased provided all the Master launch plan requirements including the compensation plan, we will deliver the complete system. If for any reason, change your mind and wanted to make any Plan change, it can be done but your Old Client & Genealogy will be Wiped Off. It will reflect only the New Compensation Plan Genealogy. But User Details will be available.

To Comprehend Before Purchase

We don’t offer Free Trial but that doesn’t be a show stopper to purchasing our Software ICON. We provide 1 free session of training on the Software Backoffice, which can be recorded followed by User manual. You can attend our scheduled webinar at your convenient timings to have a glance at our Software Features. Contact our support team for any queries, they will adapt that suit your needs.

Cloud Hosting Region

We offer Cloud Hosting Regions in US, Germany & Singapore. Based on your own preference of region, will do the Cloud Hosting accordingly.

Customize Language

You have the freedom to choose the Software Language from the available 21 Options simply by selecting your desired Language from the drop down menu. Software will be displayed in your chosen language. It is possible to customize the software in any languages based on user need. You can contact our support team if required the option language that are not shown in the menu and will be adapted to suit your need.


PROMLM ICON is Multilingual and language of your preference can be chosen from the available options to be used with. This feature is of very helpful in using our software.

Flag Icon at the Top Right Corner of the Header Content will display the available 21 Language Options upon Clicking the Icon. Based on their need User can choose the Language from the Menu using the Scroll Bar at the Side. It’s very easy and simple.

PROMLM ICON Edition render content in Multiple Languages with straightforward translation of words and phrases. Users can easily access content with simple selection of language in the menu with the ability to quickly switch to another language.

Benefits of Multilingual Option includes reaching out to a wider audience crossing all demographic barriers, reducing bounce and increase conversion rate, creating a Competitive Advantage, International Search Engine Optimization, Customer focused, Cost Efficient Promoting & Improving brand image.

Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that leave a webpage without taking an action, such as clicking on a link, filling out a form, or making a purchase. So if more the engagement of the visitors with the website or page views, less bounce it will be that can be translated into more conversions and income.

Conversion Rate describes the relationship between visits/clicks on a website to conversions in purchasing the service or product or downloads . Basically Conversion is the process of potential customer becoming an actual customer.

Increase conversion rate can happen with more landing pages & bounce rate should be reduced to boost the conversion rate.

Multilingual Software enables the wider potential customers to access the website in their own languages thereby creating more page views, less bounce & eventually visitors end up in becoming the actual customers thereby enhance the Business Growth and Revenue.

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