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Exploring ICON

Broad Scope

Our Catalog Hub provides all essential informations from both Admin & Distributor Perspective to acquire in-depth knowledge of ICON CLOUD Computing Platform for Effective Management and Software Usage with ease.

Mode Of Operations


PROMLM ICON Edition offers Comprehensive & Customizable Cloud Based, Secured Advanced Software enriched with intuitive Modules/ Tools for Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing Businesses & providing Automated Web-Based Solution to run the Business independently without relying on Webmasters, Designers or Techies. Distributors become more efficient with the simplified operations of DSOs.

Admin is very powerful and allows you to have complete control over the MLM Compensation Plans, Users, and Payouts. With almost one-time Admin and Configuration Settings, you can have full command over your Business. In addition to the Standard Configuration and Management, extra Tools have been included to enhance Productivity, Data Storage thereby transforming your Business into a Profitable Powerhouse.

ICON, an Affiliate Software empowers you with cutting-edge MLM Software Platform & Profound Functionality satisfying your Customer Expectations, Complete Business Control over Entire Company to Product, then Order to Distributor Management ensuring the smooth functioning of your Business. Our Secure & Reliable PROMLM entitled to run your business right out-of-the-box without the need for costly Software Customization. You will have peace-of-mind knowing that teams of experts are working around the clock to support your system.

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