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Event System

PROMLM ICON is designed to offer a suite of tools and services to your network effortlessly especially with Effective Event Scheduling Calendar.  Event Calendar plays a significant role in scheduling to plan ahead, Calendars your goals, Prioritising the tasks & keeps everyone in the same page within the Business or Organization. Admin can make note of the Important Events under Events with no hassle.

Event scheduling is the activity of finding a suitable time for an event such as meeting, conference, trip, etc. It is an important part of event planning that is usually carried out at its beginning stage.

Event is an important or noteworthy thing that happens or occurs.

Schedule is a plan that gives a list of events or tasks and the times at which each one should happen or be done.

Event Calendar is a list or schedule of events or activities that occur at different times throughout the year.

A Calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years. Computerized Systems are set to remind the user of upcoming events and appointments nowadays.

A date is the designation of a single specific day within such a Calendar.

Event Calendar or Appointment Diary will display the Added Events with Title, Date, Content &. Profile which can be accessed from Admin Backoffice Dashboard itself or from Event Header Title.

Details in Event Calendar for Week, Month & List View can be managed from the Admin Dashboard with ease. A member of the board of people that manages or oversees the affairs of a business can avoid taking on more than can handle using contingency time for “the unexpected” with year planner that comes with our PROMLM ICON.

Key Features of Event Scheduling Calendar comprises of Interactive Admin & Member Backoffice,  Event Calendar, Weekly, Monthly, List, Set up Reminders, Add Events, Delete Events, Block the Appointments, Recurring Events, Easy Access from Dashboard, Schedule Meetings, Important Event  Planner, List View,  Calendar View,  User Events Display, Easy Navigation Tools & Personalization.


Events can be added using Add & complete all the fields in the Form as it prompts & Submit to implement the action of adding Events or Cancel to Undo the Action. Admin can Add or Edit or Delete from Events in the Dashboard itself with a matter of time.  Added Events can be shown for Users to keep updating with upcoming events or schedule ahead within the Organization.

Events can be viewed by Week, Month, List and can be seen forward and backward using proper icons < > respectively.

Events View for the added events in List View & Calendar View.

List View is a view which groups and display the added events in vertical scrollable list.

List View Action Icons have Edit & Delete can be used accordingly.

Calendar View is a view which groups and display the added events in vertical scrollable list in traditional calendar format by Year, Month, Week or Day.

Events Added Details with Event Title, Event Date, Event Content, Event Profile from Admin Backoffice Events upon Submit will be reflected for the members in the selected view format.

Event Title is the name given for the important thing that has been added in the Schedule Calendar & will be made available for the user.

Event Date is the date on which the important thing is happening that has been added in the Schedule Calendar using the provided calendar.

Event Content is the subject or description of the Title about the important thing that has been added in the Schedule Calendar.

Event Profile is the important and useful image details about the events that have been scheduled in calendar by browsing the computer file.

Allowed File Format is png, jpg, svg (100px x 34px).

Upon Submit after completing all the details, events can be added successfully in the Calendar and made within the Organization.


After the Events been added, it will be displayed in the Event Calendar  & can be updated or removed anytime using Edit & Delete Action Tool.

Edit Events will take you to the page where you can Update the added Event Title, Date, Content & Profile using Edit Icon.

Delete Event will Delete the added Events completely.

Home Button Icon will take you to the Dashboard anytime from where you can also view the Events.  .

Admin Dashboard Events can also be viewed & updated from Dashboard itself quickly using simple method.

Add from Dashboard Calendar simply by just clicking the dates, month, complete the pop up form, submit & will update Calendar with Events.


Event Views that are available includes Events Calendar View, Events List View, Events Calendar Week View, Events Calendar Month View & Events Calendar List  View.

Events Calendar View display the added events in a Calendar Format.

Events List View display the added events in a List Format with details of Event Title, Content, Date & Edit & Delete Action.

Events Calendar Week View display the added event in a weekly format of the scheduled calendar.

Events Calendar Month View display the added events in a monthly format of the scheduled calendar.

Events Calendar List  View display the added events in a List Format of the scheduled calendar.


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